Client of The Week: Rob

 In Client of the Week

If you were going to describe Rob and Gaige’s personal training sessions in three words, they would be accountable, disciplined, and fun! 

Rob first started training with Gaige in January of 2018. Although he already had a basic understanding of fitness, Gaige impressed him with his vast understanding of all the ways to hit a specific muscle group. “I experienced injuries in the past because I didn’t use proper form.” Rob says. “Gaige allowed me to work on these areas in a way that would strengthen me without causing further injury.” 

When reflecting on what he learned in the last year, Rob mentioned “Gaige definitely helped me to slow down. He made me realize that having extra rest in between a set can really help. We spend more time doing warm ups before we actually start, to prevent any more injuries.”

When it comes to progress, Rob had a huge smile on his face. “When I first started, I could only deadlift 315lbs. With Gaige’s power lifting experience, he taught me how to build up, taper down, rest, and attempt a 1RM. Now, I can deadlift 425lbs!”

Although his progress is impressive, what is truly incredible is seeing the friendship that has developed between Rob and Gaige. “We may have met at the gym, but we share a lot of common interests.” Rob reflects. “Gaige sometimes will come over and work on cars with me. I consider him a friend.” When he was asked about what motivates him to get to the gym, Rob says it’s his relationship with his personal trainer. “When I don’t feel like working out, we talk about one of our other interests to take my mind off of workouts that might not seem exciting to me. My biggest rule is that I never cancel my appointment. I always show up, may go slower if I need to, but progress is still progress.”

Rob, thank you for being part of our family! We are so proud of you.

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