Our Team

Meet our team of powerful, hard-working, and dedicated staff members. These are people who are crazy about what they do and are excited to share their passion with each member of Jada Blitz. Each member of our staff is committed to helping you achieve your goals through personal training, nutrition, group classes, and more!



We pride ourselves on having awesome management! When you enter our gym, you will immediately notice that the front end is where the magic happens. You will be greeted with a smile and positive energy, and will soon become part of our special fitness family. Each of our front end staff are selected based on having a pride and passion for our members. In alignment with our philosophy, we look for individuals that care about our members and are driven by the opportunity to support and play an active role in making every experience at our facility unique.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

This group of unique, driven and compasionate individuals define the potential of healthy living, and the power of community. A hardworking and dedicated group, who have formed into a family. Chosen not just for their skills, but for their personalities. They are the people we want to be with in the trenches of self-discovery.

Group Fitness Instructors

Group Fitness Instructors

A tenacious, fun, and knowledgeable crew is what we love most about our group fitness instructors. Click [here] for more details regarding classes and to check out our full schedule.

Group Cycle Instructors

Group Cycling Instructors

Additional Services

Physical Therapy

  • Dr. James McMullen
    Dr. James McMullen Physical Therapist

Massage Therapy


Spray Tan