A full service gym and training facility featuring premiere equipment, personal training, group fitness classes, group cycle, HIIT training and more. With a shake bar, meal prep service, and supplement shop all on site, we make it the one stop shop for all your wellness needs.


Fitness Classes

Work your body and lift your spirits with the excitement and energy of group fitness.

Training Programs

Stronger, leaner and helthier you is the goal of every fitness training program at Jada Blitz.


Certified nutritional coaches ensure that each client has a program to reach their goals

Contest Prep

Our certified nutritional coaches offer online and physique consulting and contest services

Physical Therapy

Offering progressive 1 on 1 care designed to prevent, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate injuries for active individuals of all ages.

Spray Tan

 The only heated airbrush tanning system is now available with us.  Haute Tans will customize your tan to your desired color.


Pilates rehabilitation and fitness instruction by a STOTT certified pilates instructor. Our program is designed to improve your strength.

Client of the Week

Client of The Week: Charline

Get to know Charline, our Client of The Week. Learn more about her time with CPT Reilly and what her experience has been like as a member and personal training client. Tell us a little about your journey at Jada Blitz, how long you have been training, etc. As a beginner, I lacked the knowledge […]

Blitz Beat Blog

Superfoods, Eating For Vitality

  There is no single food that can offer all of the nourishment that the body needs to function and perform at its best. Fortunately, superfoods come relatively close to achieving this. So what are they and what do they do? Can they really improve our health, wellbeing, and vitality? Mark your calendars, because in […]

Are You Stuck On The Healthy-Unhealthy Teeter-Totter of Life?

Does on the scale-off the scale-on the scale-off the scale, ring a bell? “I don’t know why my weight keeps going up and down every day”. Do you feel like no matter how hard you exercise, the time you put in isn’t balancing out your self-sabotaging diet choices? “I followed my nutrition all week, how […]

Strength Training: A Beginner’s Guide To The Lingo

Whether you are brand new to strength training or need a little refresher on the most common terms used, let this be your new go-to guide. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition professional at Jada Blitz Fitness, it is always a priority to make sure our members, clients, and community have access to the […]