Body Works

Tone, tighten and get sculpted through this 50-minute workout.


This class is designed with low-impact exercises that focus on strengthening muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Blitz Yoga

Increase your flexibility, connect your body and mind with this 50-minute yoga flow class.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is designed to use more strength movements.

Booty & Abs

Using bands, light weights and high reps you will be on your way to tight toned abs and a well-rounded booty.


This class is filled with dynamic flowing sequences that are guaranteed to give your entire body a great work out.

Blitz Body

This class is a great mix cardio and resistance training for maximum calorie burn and muscle sculpting.

Body Sculpt

Designed using weight bars, exercise bands and dumbbells you will perform a variety of traditional weight training moves.

Total Body HIIT 30 Mins

This class will blast the fat off your body hitting your total body through this quick yet intense 30-minute toady body HIIT session.

Step N Tone

This is a 50-minute class that uses a step along with dumbbells to ramp up your calorie burn!


Get moving with this high energy class choreographed to give you dynamic and effective combinations that will help you tone and tighten your entire body.


This is a 30-minute high intensity class. Providing a challenging cardio workout through practice of kickboxing drills and teaching of fundamentals of pad holding combinations.


Bootcamp is designed to be an intense, full body workout that focuses on building core strength and improving muscle tone while testing your limits

Rhythm Ride

This is a 50-minute ride based on the BPM/RPM of the music.

Power Ride

This is a 50-minute ride that will build your endurance on the bike and off.

Strength HIIT

Power through this Strength HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) class testing your limits using kettlebells, techno gym equipment and your body weight.

Endurance Build

This class will be designed to increase your demands of your body while going that extra minute/ mile or rep.

Cardio Countdown

Designed with high impact explosive movements this class will fire those fast twitch muscles allowing you to tighten and redefine your muscle.

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