Power Ride

Get ready to break a sweat while being guided through hills, sprints, flats and intervals with a focus on power metrics. Challenging yourself to build your endurance on the bike and off. All rides may contain explicit music.

Rhythm Ride

A high-intensity full body workout featuring rhythm riding both in and out of the saddle. This ride is based on the BPM/RPM of the music. This class offers choreographed movements to build strength while keeping you engaged. All rides may contain explicit music.

Ride & Strength

Start with 30 minutes in the cycle room for a high energy ride that will include hills, sprints, flats, and intervals. For the second half head on over to the Blitz Room and grab some dumbbells! The following 30 minutes will build your muscular strength and endurance. You will be lead through exercises focusing on upper body, lower body, and core! All rides may contain explicit music.