Congratulations to our Client of the Week: Sondra


I wanted to gain confidence and knowledge about how to create a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. I am so proud to say I’ve never felt better or more secure! My current goal is to remain consistent and to continue dedicating myself toward being healthy. I want to set to best example possible for my beautiful, young children.

Anthony is amazing!!! He knows his stuff and makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. He’s always on time, always pleasant to be around, and motivates me! He’s just awesome, such a bright light! I now consider him a dear friend who always lifts me up when I need it! I am so proud of Anthony winning his show! His dedication and commitment to his goals is so impressive and inspiring.

One thing I’ve learned from personal training is that even when it’s tough, you have to stay committed to your plan and have faith in the process.


Hack Your Lifestyle And Become A Healthier You.

Top three reasons you are NOT reaching your fitness goals. 

By Anthony Serrano
Director of Personal Training

Time- Buying back time 

It’s our most valuable asset. We all wish we had more of it. However, it seems to be something that’s forever fleeting. One of life’s biggest dilemmas is how to maximize your time, or make more time for the things you truly value in life. Eventually we all reach the point where we have to decide how to buy back more time in our day. A proven and foolproof method is hiring a coach. Someone who is a professional in a field where you lack the expertise. A coach can help you discover what is truly holding you back and help you find the motivation to move forward. It’s a lifetime hack for expediting any process that may take you years on your own. 

In 2022 the CDC has reported that 25 percent of all Americans are sedentary individuals. And this number is increasing. When asked why, time has been one of their biggest obstacles.

So how can hiring a fitness coach or personal trainer buy you back time in your day? If i’m going into the gym that’s already time I don’t have. And  let’s be honest with ourselves here… most of us walk into the gym: with no idea what to do. We might have seen a few social media posts, or have read an article on what exercises might be good for us. The end result being we show up for a few weeks or months, see little to no progress and give up because we have more important things to do. When you hire a coach this all can be thrown out of the window. You have someone who has seen results for themselves and a countless number of clientele. Someone who has dedicated their life to helping others improve their own lives.Someone to hold you accountable. Lastly, someone who has the know-how to fast track you to your end goal.

Accountability- Smashing your Goals and Building Momentum 

It’s Thursday night. It’s been a long week. You planned on working out, But something more convenient comes up. Something that would be a little more fun. And not as productive. Human nature says you are going to take the more convenient route. 

So how do you combat this? It’s simple. Having a set day and time each week you dedicate to bettering your physical wellness.. Making an appointment that involves someone else other than yourself. Oftentimes this  places more accountability on that task. Hiring a coach/personal trainer will most definitely solve this issue. A majority of behavioral scientists believe it takes about 50 repetitions of a task for it to become a habit. With a set appointment and consistency this will allow you to build some forward momentum towards your goals. You’ll soon recognize that this new found momentum is carrying over to many other aspects of your life. Not just your fitness routine. 

It’s Time to Shake things Up 

I’m Bored with my routine. This is something that we’ve all thought. Sometimes you just need to make a change. Instead of spending hours researching how you can do this, working with a coach will do the trick. They can add variety into your routines without sacrificing your ability to progress week in and week out.

There are a lot of nuances that go into a fitness regime, and taking that task on by yourself can become daunting. So why not hire someone to take the pressure off? Theres no better time to start than now. And why would you start anywhere but Jada