Gaige Hoot


    Gaige Hoot is an ACTION certified personal trainer who works with clientele from a variety of backgrounds to make strides towards achieving their goals in and out of the gym. Regardless of the goal, Gaige has the knowledge and dedication to help his clients reach it.

    Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Gaige was a client at Jada Blitz looking to get bigger and stronger as a high school varsity lacrosse player. He soon became addicted to the lifestyle and Jada Blitz as a whole. After being a client and member of the gym for a year, Gaige joined the team as a front desk associate. Shortly after, Gaige began working on the floor as a personal trainer. He trains himself for bodybuilding and powerlifting. Gaige practices what he preaches and lives the lifestyle each and every day.

    Gaige has been a part-time personal trainer at Jada Blitz for a year and a half while continuing his studies in health and wellness at Canisius College.

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