InBody570 Scan

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What is the InBody Scan?

The InBody570 body composition analyzer goes beyond telling you your weight. This machine gives you a total analysis of your body; measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. The InBody machine allows you to fully understand what is going on in your body while you train or partake in nutrition coaching.

What InBody Scans Tell You


Body Composition Analysis

This analysis breaks down your body weight based on water mass, dry lean mass, and body fat mass. Your weight and health are more than a number on your scale. The InBody570 will tell the whole story.

Segmental Lean Analysis

Want to know how your muscle is distributed? This analysis evaluates whether the muscles are adequately developed in your body and indicates where you are strongest.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

Discover the breakdown of fat mass and lean muscle mass in your body. These metrics are a great way to show progress and true fat loss in your fitness journey.

Segmental Fat Analysis

Learn where fat is being stored in your body. This metric shows you the percentage of fat in each part of your body.

Obesity Analysis

In the fight against obesity, this tool allows you to see if you are in a health body fat percentage range and measures your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Body Composition History

Quickly see a snapshot of your progress. This graph will show how your weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water balance has changed from scan-to-scan.

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InBody Scan Sheet

When you come in for your InBody scan, your personal data is saved in the machine by your phone number as well as printed on the InBody sheet. As you can see from the bottom, the more scans you get, the more data InBody can provide to you. If you have any further questions about your results, email our Nutrition Coach, Aubs! She can help you with a free nutrition consultation. Send her an email at:

Member Reviews

Our memberships come with InBody scans! See why our members love getting monthly scans and how it impacts their experience at Jada Blitz.

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