The Blitz Room

The Blitz Room is our own high intensity group fitness training room.  It is designed to provide full-body workouts with programming from fitness trainers and utilizes TechnoGym’s Skill Line Machines and other equipment.  This room also features TeamBeats technology for Heart Rate Training and other metrics.

Advanced TRX

Fast paced cardio and strength combo moves with the TRX Straps. Recommended that all participants have TRX experience and are familiar with and able to make relatively quick transitions of positions within the straps.

Blitz Strength

No Cardio? No problem! Prepare for a full body resistance training in our Blitz Room. Focusing on interval training and functional movements this class is designed to improve your strength, power, coordination and balance.

Blitz Strength & Cardio

An efficient and challenging form of conditioning which develops strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination utilizing a variety of exercises and stations. Prepare for a full-body strength training incorporating periodic cardio bursts designed to tone your body and improve endurance.


Your cardiovascular and muscular fitness will be challenged in this class which incorporates calisthenics, free weights, plyometrics, and an assortment of equipment for a variety of exercises in each session. Feel strong, powerful and accomplished leaving our Bootcamp class!

Express Strength HIIT

Short on time? This Express 30 minute Strength HIIT Class is the perfect option. An interval based class combines full body strength training with cardio bursts. Carefully designed to work your body to the fullest even when you are short on time.

Kettlebell Blitz

Using primarily Kettlebells this class is a perfect blend of strength and high intensity cardio. It will improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, core strength, and posture. Our instructor will start you off with basic moves, paying strict attention to your form, and as class progresses you will be guided through some more intricate and compound moves.

Strength HIIT

Prepare for a rigorous interval training sequence with high-intensity exercises. Build your cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. People are challenged to push to their limits and walk out feeling strong.

TRX Strong

Strength based full body workout primarily utilizing TRX straps alongside kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, and battle ropes to make a full body circuit workout. Walk into class strong, walk out stronger!