fitness center in buffalo ny

Our Mindset

At Jada Blitz Fitness we believe in foundational health, proven knowledge and positive client outcomes. We empower, motivate and encourage every member.  We have the mindset and approach to achieve both short and long-term goals.

By bringing a truly personal aspect to the table, our trainers create relationships that go beyond the gym doors. They develop a trust and connection with each of their clients. This relationship helps our clients reach and maintain who they aspire to be.

fitness center in buffalo ny

Our Values

Our team shares this core value: we are passionate for bettering others through constant support and encouragement. We are a unique group, brought together by a devotion and desire to change lives.

Through mentorship, friendship, and leadership, we have formed a family. We grow together. We evolve together. Our team is better together. With this mentality, we have become many hearts with a single beat.

Our Environment

We carry a single mission and vision under our roof. You are not just getting one personal trainer. You are getting a group of professionals that are here to help you succeed. At Jada Blitz Fitness, our main objective is YOU. From the moment you walk through the door we are here for YOU. We want to push YOU in reaching YOUR goals.

When you become part of our family, you are more than a number or face. You are a priority. Our members always come first. We take a personal responsibility in providing knowledge and encouraging confidence to YOU. This way, the changes you make in our gym will carry forward as a lifelong, sustainable lifestyle.

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