Who We Are

Our Mission

Jada Blitz is rooted in community that is inclusive of our client’s needs and goals of achieving a healthy and sustainable life. We are a space that offers a positive outlet and is driven on a high level of customer service, integrity, innovation and evolution to help achieve individualized success.

Our Vision

Jada Blitz Fitness was founded on the principles of integrity, passion and community. We are leaders in fitness who live by example and believe in our clients because we believe in ourselves. Every goal belongs at Jada Blitz: we are a community space for all individuals and committed to delivering the results wanted. We are constantly striving to elevate our impact and bring positive, sustainable results to our members, because our ultimate goal is to change as many lives as possible.

Core Values


The member experience at Jada Blitz is consistent and trusted. The energy, atmosphere and quality of our club will never waver, regardless of time of day, staff on duty or otherwise. We will stay the course with our clients as well, and not compromise the integrity of their experience. We do not promise quick fixes or cut corners; we program with intention and sustainability in mind. Fitness is a journey and we’re with every member, every step of the way.


We live and breathe health and wellness. Everyone is here because there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. We believe in our members, we believe in results, and we believe that anything is possible. Making people’s lives better is what lights us up and motivates us every day. Our members aren’t here because they HAVE to work out- they’re celebrating that they GET to.


This is a place for everyone. There’s no goal too big or milestone too small- it all belongs at Jada Blitz. From first-time gymgoers to pro cardholders, from yogis to runners, students to senior citizens, there is something for everyone here. We are a community that celebrates everybody’s decision to be healthy, and we respect that it looks different for everyone.


We are in the business of changing people’s lives for the better. We promise positive, sustainable change in both body and mind. When we promise results, we do whatever it takes to deliver them. Our staff is not just pushing and challenging their clients, but also themselves by always seeking more education, more experience and more tools to enhance our member experience.


You’re more than an employee and our members are more than just members -both are part of our team. Anyone that walks through our doors will be treated like a family member and our goal is that they leave feeling that way as well. Being a part of the Jada Blitz family is like no other experience and we are excited for everyone to experience our energy.

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