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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Julie. Working 1-1 with Adam Gutierrez for many years, she has not only found what feels like a second home at the gym but also a true friend and brother-sister like relationship in Adam.

We interviewed Julie to learn more about her story and are excited to share it with you as we celebrate her self-growth and accomplishments while being part of our family here at Jada Blitz Fitness.

What interested you in joining the gym and becoming part of our family? I joined Jada Blitz in July of 2017.  At the time, my dear friend Julie Swiatkowski was the fitness ambassador for Lululemon.  She invited me to a bootcamp with Rev and Jada, and I instantly fell in love with the little gym.

Can you share with us where your journey as a member and PT client began? I was training on my own, started group sessions with a few friends, and used to attend Aubs’ classes at night. After watching myself wander around and try to work with the weights, I reached out to Ashley to be connected with a Jada Blitz personal trainer.

Immediately, Adam and I were like brother and sister.  I introduced him to my four boys, and he instantly became part of our family.

What were your first goals and intentions? I’ve always had a passion for exercise, and was a former marathon runner. After 3 full marathons, and 4 half marathons, I hit my PR after completing the NYC marathon in 2013 with a 3:44. Following that victory, I suffered a stress fracture in my foot while training for the 2016 San Francisco marathon.  I knew I needed to work on my strength and focus less on cardio.

Adam has transformed my body into a strong, but still lean, form.

Wow! What amazing feats – from marathon running to weight lifting! What are your current goals and progress?  As a woman in my mid 40’s, I want to ensure I stay strong.  Adam continues to push me with heavy weights, small reps on some days, and light weights with more reps on others. I continue to maintain my fitness goals – considering I travel for business and just so happen to work for a Spanish Wine & Spirits Supplier.

I can’t be the regular Tues/Thurs 8:00 am client, and Adam knows that.  He always accommodates my schedule to ensure we get two sessions per week.

What do you enjoy most about your time spent working with Adam? Without a doubt, Adam is like a little brother to me. We go through life’s ups and downs together and share our personal relationships, our love for travel, and our love for good food!  He also knows what I want to achieve for my body, as well as what I do not want to look like.

Any memories worth reminiscing over? There have been so many memories over the years, but the best was when I brought my oldest son to train with me. We were outside doing all kinds of crazy exercises – I know my son will kill me for this – but he could not keep up and went down from exhaustion. We picked him back up with a fitness drink.

Nonetheless, I’m proud to say he now comes to Jada and trains himself several times a week!

Valuable lessons?  Your body is always changing.  Trust the professionals to keep you on track. That’s what they are trained to do and why you work with them.

Any advice you could give for someone who has been thinking about trying personal training or the gym? You won’t be disappointed, but you will be held accountable. Obviously the trainers can’t do everything for you, but they’ll always support you through the process. They are there to lead you toward meeting your goals and maintaining your fitness.

We all start somewhere, just start.

I look forward to seeing Julie each week. She always comes prepared and ready to work for every session!

No matter the circumstances of her crazy schedule, she makes sure to get her workouts in with me or at home. In fact, just last week, Julie hit a nice milestone in our training. She squatted her starting 1 rep max for 15 reps!

Above all, I really enjoy our sessions because of the energy Julie brings. No matter what, she’s ready to do whatever-whenever. It’s no surprise that we’ve been training together for 3 years now.

The slow, steady progress we have made over the duration of our training really does prove that CONSISTENCY is the KEY to SUCCESS.

Adam Gutierrez
CPT – Jada Blitz Fitness

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