Adam Gutierrez


    Adam has been a full-time Certified Personal trainer with Jada Blitz for 10 years, developing long-term relationships with many of his clients. He truly enjoys helping others reach their personal goals. From athletes looking to improve their performance, men and women interested in improving their quality of life, as well as those who are interested in developing increased strength and endurance, Adam has the experience and knowledge to guide anyone toward successful results.Before becoming a part of the Jada Blitz team, Adam was a bar tender and worked for a concrete company. At the gym, his dedication and hard work caught the attention of his own Personal Trainer, Justin Draper (owner of Jada Blitz Fitness). Adam showed the characteristics Justin was looking for in a personal trainer and hired him onto the Jada Blitz team. Adam has been here ever since!

    Adam’s big wins, as a Personal Trainer, are when clients get excited about their goal they’ve finally achieved. Whether it’s squatting 315lbs, losing enough weight to fit into something they haven’t worn in a while, or feeling comfortable in their own skin, hearing them brag about their accomplishments is rewarding to him as well.

    Consistency is key, and science proves that. If I only worked with you for 30 mintues once a week, and you achieved your goals in that short of session, I would be the most famous fitness trainer in the world! However, it doesn’t work like that. You have to WANT to put in the hard work and consistency for YOU!
    Adam is NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).