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Our #COTW this week is all about perseverance. Meet Lindsay, a Jada regular since 2016 who is still rocking it at the gym and in the third trimester of her second  pregnancy!


“I chose Lindsay for my Client of the Week because she has been very consistent. Her lifting numbers went up tremendously since the start of her pregnancy and now she is maintaining that during her last few months.” Ryan, her personal trainer, said.


Many expecting mothers would step away from the gym, but Lindsay doesn’t dream of it. “I’ve been training with Ryan for a year and a half now. He’s supportive, thoughtful in how he designs his training sessions with me, and always gives me a new challenge. Training with him is wonderful and as moms we must-have self-care. This is the time I carve out for myself. I give all of my other time to my husband, work, and kids.”


Lindsay has an amazing mindset when she steps into Jada Blitz. “After Baby #2 comes I want to keep moving and be able to play with my children. Most women say they don’t have the energy to work out. I say, working out GIVES me the energy I need!”


We asked her what is her biggest piece of advice to women who have recently given birth and hesitant to come to the gym. “Come back as soon as possible! The training will be a lot different but not in the way you expect. It’s a lot more of a mental block after having a baby. Add some load here and there and your body will respond naturally. I never thought I would get back into shape after my daughter, but I was wrong! You just need to work at it and be patient since these things take time.”


Jada Blitz Fitness is a family business. Therefore, we care that our expecting members have all the resources they need to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. We offer prenatal massages, supplements, and have trainers who have experience working with expecting women. Email for more information

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