Nutrition Client Spotlight: 2+ Years of Goals & Progress!

 In Nutrition Client Spotlight
I have worked with Justin and Aubree in regards to nutrition for years, but I really dialed in on my dietary and lifestyle choices over the past 2+ years working 1-1 with Aubree and in the consistency and quality of my workouts with the help of Jenny. While working full time and raising my kids, I have realized the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in helping me reach my goals. There is also importance in mentioning that gut health is a real thing!
With the support of weekly check-ins and InBody scans, Aubree has helped me realize what my body’s current needs are. At first, it was a struggle to stay focused at the beginning of COVID and adjusting to working out at home (while being an essential worker) while also trying to keep my family safe. I have so much support at Jada through my workouts and nutrition.
My husband has been my rock in continuing to help me reach my goals, and it is so important to me to continue to be a healthy role model for my children through making good choices. I continue to work side by side with Aubree to keep myself accountable. It is so important to constantly re-evaluate the body’s nutritional needs as they do change. Sometimes it’s a quick text and other times a long conversation about my future goals, no matter what Aubree is always there.
Thank you Aubree, Justin, and the whole Jada Blitz team for helping WNY stay and become healthy!
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