Clients of The Week: Meet Rich & Amanda

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I started training with Justin back in November of 2015. I was impressed with his knowledge and how he worked with his clients to meet their goals. Working with him just two days a week I was able to see significant progress that I was never able to achieve working out on my own.  He always pushed me to go up in weight and/or finish those extra couple of reps.
Justin has done a great job hiring friendly and knowledgeable people that are genuinely interested and care about their clients. I think that I have been there long enough now to have had the pleasure of working out with most of the trainers at one point in time.
The feeling you get at Jada Blitz is more of a family-like atmosphere.
Adam became available earlier this year, Amanda and I jumped at the opportunity to work with him.  He is very good at what he does.  I don’t know where he comes up with some of the exercises!  He does a great job of mixing things up every week. He incorporates the entire body as well as some great core exercises in our 30 minutes sessions. We always look forward to our sessions!


I have worked out consistently for about 15 years.  In 2018 my trainer decided to pursue other career goals so I had an opportunity to find something new.  That is when I decided to join Rich at Jada Blitz for personal training sessions.  Although, I have years of experience working out I feel like every training session we learn something new. Adam keeps each session exciting and no matter what we do during that half-hour we accomplish more than we do on our own in an hour.
We love having a trainer as it keeps us on our toes and continues to challenge us. Who proves we are capable of things we didn’t know were possible.

Everyone at Jada Blitz treats us as family, and we really like the community aspect.  All the trainers seem vested in everyone not just their clients. When COVID hit we used our previous training and put it to work at home, but nothing replaces seeing all the friendly faces at Jada!

Rich and Amanda, thank you for being part of our family! We are so proud of you.

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