Client of The Week: Tracy!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Tracy!

In 2017 I lost my 18 year old son Devin to suicide. To say it nearly destroyed me, is an understatement. Devin and I would work out five times a week together. We lifted, biked, played catch, swam, walked, ran, you name it. Any form of exercise, he did it with me. Losing him put me into a downward spiral. I stayed out of going to any gym for months after his passing. Finally, I started easing back in by joining a spin studio; however, something was still missing inside of me.


In December of 2021, I ran into George Hackford. He invited me to come try out Jada Blitz Fitness. My initial response was, “No way! That place is too intimidating!” George offered me a free class so I took him up on that offer. I ended up using it on Brandi’s Rhythm Ride class and I must say, it was awesome! Slowly but surely, Jada Blitz was becoming part of my routine. I decided it was time to go back to weight training.

For three months I was working one-on-one with Liam but when he left to pursue furthering his education, I was paired up with Caty, who is amazing! She literally kicks my butt every session. She is so very good at what she does. Caty maneuvers around all machines like a pro! Every week, she incorporates new exercises and keeps my workouts exciting. When I started training again, my goal was to gain strength and tone my body. I am definitely making progress, but I will have a ways to go. I always look forward to my personal training sessions. The feeling I have when I am finished with a session is truly incredible.


As we are in May, I can’t help but to be reminded that it is Mental Health Awareness Month. My son Devin never showed signs or symptoms but we must continue to educate and encourage everyone to reach out for help. Help is always available. Jada Blitz has, no doubt, helped me and continues to everyday. Caty helps me in ways that she has no idea she does! Training has been the best medicine for me. I am so thankful I crossed paths with George because I am a better person because of it.


In addition to Caty being awesome, I must say every time I enter the building, the Staff at Jada are always welcoming and friendly. At first I used to be walking through those doors but now I walk in and feel at home. I have met some really great people in my four short months at Jada Blitz. I have gotten my nephew and my good friend to join Jada and they both love it here too! To say I am hooked on Jada is 100% accurate! It is, without a doubt, my drug of choice! George, Tommy, Karen, Nick, Drew, Gianna, Sienna, and Brandi have all been amazing to me. By far, Jada Blitz Fitness is the friendliest gym I have ever been a part of.


I started training Tracy in March, when I took over for another trainer. I immediately noticed the work ethic she had and the dedication to getting into the gym. Her consistency is unmatched! She is never coming up with excuses and it shows! I enjoy that Tracy loves being pushed. She is an extremely hard worker but doesn’t back down from a challenge. She will take classes and train with me back to back, I’ve had multiple trainers tell me they see her in the gym all the time and she’s a beast!

Every session with Tracy is awesome! We get a lot of work in during our 30 minute sessions, but we still laugh and enjoy the session at the same time! It’s not serious 100% of the time but it is when it needs to be during the work and I think that’s important for any client to have a balance of fun during the hard work.

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