Client of The Week: Susan!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Susan!

I was part of Jada Blitz Fitness before it was Jada Blitz Fitness- when it was just a vision in Justin’s head! I started training with Justin when I joined World Gym on Sheridan in 2008, and that’s where my story begins!

After working out at home for a number of years, I was looking to take it to the next level. I had never belonged to a gym before and decided to sign up for some training sessions. I wanted to make sure my form was correct and that I was using the equipment properly. They paired me with Justin and basically “that’s all she wrote”!

Justin and I became great friends. He was such an impressive young man- full of faith, integrity, always wanting to help others, and driven. Justin had this vision of opening his own gym and there was no doubt in my mind that was exactly what he was going to do! I have been following his, and now also Ashley’s, path ever since! It has been a great journey and has become an integral part of my life. 


 As mentioned, my initial goals were to take my training to the next level, not just the exercise, but also nutrition. And Justin, along with a number of other Jada Blitz Trainers, have helped me achieve that…which brings me to Gaige, my current trainer, who has helped me in more ways than just elevating my training.

Gaige has, and continues to help me keep on track with my goals, which currently are to hit my macros, maintain my muscle and maintain my strength as much as possible. When you get older, your body does not respond as well or as quickly to exercise or diet. But Gaige has continued to encourage me and make my workouts fun and keeps me wanting to come back!

A couple of years ago, I had an injury to my shoulder where I couldn’t lift my left arm higher than a few inches. It was scary for sure, and I had a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation. Gaige worked with me for over a year to get my mobility, my strength, and my form back to where it should be. He was very patient and pushed me, but never too hard. I am so grateful for his knowledge and caring nature, as he helped me through a tough time and made sure that I am the best I can be.

When I first met Gaige, I don’t think he was even 18 years old. He was working at the old gym, shadowing Justin, and would train me from time to time. When schedules changed and I couldn’t train with Justin, I started working out with Gaige. He is an awesome trainer! Gaige demonstrates the exercises, checks that my form is correct, makes sure I stay hydrated, and pays attention to how I am feeling during our sessions. Additionally, he has helped me through a number of injuries that I have sustained.

Aside from his great training and work ethic, Gaige is a real sweetheart. He takes serious interest in me and my life- both on a fitness and personal level. We talk about nutrition, school, the Bills and Sabres, ourselves, our families and friends, and our lives outside the gym. It has been a pleasure getting to know Gaige and basically, seeing him grow-up and start to realize his hopes and dreams. I consider him to be a good friend!

One thing I have taken away from this experience is that movement is one of the keys to a happy and healthy life! And exercise and weight training keeps your body, your mind, and your spirit invigorated and positive!


Give it a try!! I did and here I am almost 15 years later. It can be hard to start training on your own, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge of exercise and the equipment. However, joining the Jada Blitz family and signing up for some training sessions will get you started. I guarantee it will make a positive difference in your life and you will LOVE it!


My experience with Jada Blitz Fitness and the staff has been exemplary. And that starts with Justin and Ashley. They are examples, to not only their staff, but their clients as well. In the many conversations I have had with Justin over the years, GIVING BACK was always the main theme. Making a difference in people’s lives and taking care of the clients. And Ashley has the same mantra. They make an incredible team and have built an incredible business!



I have trained with Susan since my early days as a trainer, and she has been a client through Justin Draper since before he even opened Jada Blitz. I’ve always felt it was an honor to be training one of the OG clients as this is someone who saw the gym and the training department evolve from the beginning. After training with someone for 5+ years, you really develop a genuine relationship with that person. It makes the experience of being a personal trainer that much more enjoyable.
I enjoy working with Susan because she is easy to communicate with, and is always ready to work hard. Susan always manages to impress me. Whether it be proper form, a cool sports fact, or walking into the gym with her aviators on, looking really cool.
One of my favorite parts of training with Susan is talking about sports, especially when we are talking about the Bills.
Training with Susan has allowed me to learn from her wisdom and experience, which has helped me to become a better trainer, person, and future Chiropractor.
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