Client of The Week: Stefanie!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Stefanie!

I joined Jada in November of 2022. My previous gym was moving to a location that wasn’t convenient for my schedule, so my husband recommended Jada. He had been at here for a couple years and I’m so glad that he got me to join!

I wanted to continue my fitness journey because the gym has always been my mental reset environment. Putting in an hour of hard work and clearing my head is crucial for surviving and staying pleasant.


I’ve always been strong and had been training as a powerlifter, but felt my body didn’t resemble my physical strength. I wanted to be lean as well as strong, so I found a nutrition coach who helped me figure out what my body could fuel best off of. The correct nutrition, commitment, and intense training has transformed my body into the version I’ve always strived for.

Currently, my goal is to return to 100% strength after suffering a devastating injury- I tore my right bicep resulting in Compartment Syndrome. The severity of the injury almost made me lose my arm in May. Now, I want to lose body fat while increasing strength and staying injury free.

Anthony’s ability to get the most out of a workout is impressive. I have no problem pushing myself at the gym, but Anthony takes it to a whole new level. When the major muscle is exhausted, he uses half movements to make sure all the minor muscles are worked and exhausted as well. I leave the 30 minute sessions knowing the body part I worked on got the intensity needed to grow.

Through my injury recovery, Anthony made sure we kept working on lower body to keep my stamina up. As I progressed, Anthony worked closely with Dr. Jimmy from KinetX PT to make sure I wasn’t doing too much too soon. My trainer taking the time to make sure I stayed safe but still pushed myself was vital in my quick recovery.

I really enjoy working out with Anthony! His knowledge of how the body works never ceases to impress me. The workouts never feel repetitive since he’s always changing it up, based on how my body is responding to certain movements. He truly watches how your muscles fire to ensure you’re using the correct form. The attention to detail is what produces the amazing results his clients get.

One memory I have of working with Anthony is when I told him I want to get really good at doing chin-ups and he agreed that we could incorporate some new exercises for that. Flash forward to me texting him three days later admitting that I did a chin-up competition with my son at the playground and am now heading into surgery for a torn bicep. Funny memory now, but not so much at the time.

In joining Jada Blitz, I’ve learned that it’s important to align yourself with a team that will help you reach your goal. I know that my quick bicep tear recovery was because of Anthony and Jimmy working together to push me safely. My surgeon warned me that it would take about 9 months to get back to normal use. This past week, 13 weeks after my surgery, I was released from my Ortho Surgeon to resume activities with no restrictions. Another valuable lesson – you’ll only get out what you put in. If you give 100% then that’s what you’ll get back so why give anything less?

One last thing I wanted to mention, Dr. Jimmy at KinetX PT is an incredible asset to Jada. The environment of your trainer being able to work directly with your Physical Therapist, along with Alex Miller available to work on any ailments with massage therapy, makes Jada the perfect place to find the healthiest version of yourself.


If you are returning to the gym from an injury or just starting your gym journey, get a professional to help you. They know how the body works and how to keep you safe while gaining results. Highly recommend the guidance to reach your goals no matter what they are.


Walking into Jada is always a pleasant experience. Whether it be 5am or 3pm, the staff greets you with a smile.


Fitness to me is personal time that helps me reset or calm my mind. The sweat and soreness is proof that I’ve held myself accountable to reaching my goal.


My experience training with Stef has been nothing short of amazing. Her ability to listen and learn on the fly during training sessions is remarkable. She’s able to keep pushing and working even past exhaustion. Here drive is Unmatched!

One of my favorites memories working with Stef is how competitive she is! I also train her son and one day when I trained him before her session, I told her Ryan was going heavier then her. She did not like that and made sure she did extra reps so that did not happen.
What I enjoy most about training Stef is seeing her progress. She has been amazing- from building muscle and changing her composition, to her OUTSTANDING post surgery rehab. It’s truly the fastest I’ve seen someone comeback, not just from a bicep tear, but from Compartment Syndrome. Her work ethic & dedication is superior! Everybody needs to be like Stef!
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