Client of The Week: Sal

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Get to know Sal, our Client of The Week. Learn more about his time with CPT Nick and what his experience has been like as a member and personal training client.

Tell us about your journey at Jada Blitz.
I’ve been at Jada going on two months and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  I’ve never really liked going to the gym until I started at Jada.  My personal trainer, Nick, has been extremely helpful.  Also, I’m learning more through the Nutrition Coaching sessions I’ve started with Aubree.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to the gym, but what I like most here is that the staff is great.  They’re friendly, helpful and personable which is something I didn’t really see at other gyms. Jada has given me motivation and it’s something I’ve needed. It’s become a daily routine I really enjoy.
What results and progress have you made?  
My best result so far is gaining confidence in myself, gaining knowledge of what to do and how to do it, to see that I can actually go to the gym and not feel intimidated, and enjoy my workout.  My trainer, Nick has shown me how to use the equipment properly, what weights to start off with, and when to progress to more.  Almost two months in and I’m able to do more weights than I thought I would be able to and my ability to do core workouts has major improvement.  With Aubree I’m learning more about nutrition. She’s opened my eyes to another side of food and dieting I never saw before.  I’m still learning and she’s working with me and teaching me what I need to know.
What is your biggest takeaway from training?
My biggest takeaway is to make sure to find the right gym and the right trainer.  When I went to Jada and met with Will he said he’d find the right trainer for me.  I knew nothing about the gym.  I was nervous and felt intimidated but I knew I needed a change.  Will set me up with Nick who’s knowledgeable and pushes me to do more, yet, knows my limits too.
What do you love most about your trainer and facility?
What I like most about my trainer Nick and nutritionist Aubree is their knowledge and experience.  They’re teaching me new things daily, making me more confident in myself and motivating me to do better for myself which is something I’ve needed. The facility seems like a family.  They’re friendly and inviting, making you feel welcome each time you walk in the doors.

Sal, thank you for being part of our family! We are so proud of you.

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