Client of The Week: Rob

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Get to know Rob, our Client of The Week. Learn more about his time with CPT Adam and what his experience has been like as a member and personal training client.

Tell us about your journey at Jada Blitz.
    For the most part I believe my journey started like most. I would go to the gym to squeeze in a workout during the course of my day. However, after a number of years of working out I just felt mentally and physically I was in a rut. I needed a change. This lead me to seek out help, which is why I started training with Adam.
What results and progress have you made?  
    I have always been diligent with my approach to working out. As I have gotten older I realized I couldn’t get away with eating as I did years ago so I changed my diet up. However, I noticed as I loss weight I didn’t feel as muscular. This is where I believe training with Adam has help me gain muscle in addition to growing my strength through workouts I would not have done on my own.
What is your biggest takeaway from training?
    No matter how long you have been working out for there is always more you can learn.
What do you love most about your trainer and facility?
     I love that Adam is constantly changing up our routines.  He focuses our time together based on my objectives for the month. I am constantly learning new exercises, form technique, and how to maximize my efforts at Jada Blitz.  For the facility, I love that the gym is always clean and the staff along with other members are welcoming and friendly.

Rob, thank you for being part of our family! We are so proud of you.

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