Client of The Week: Renee!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Renee!

I joined Jada Blitz Fitness in October 2021; during the pandemic, I had gained a lot of weight and started going through the change of life, the symptoms of that can be very overwhelming for any woman. I wanted to join a facility that was close to my home, provided a myriad of classes and workout equipment, and have an abundance of available trainers. Jada Blitz provides so much more, the Blitz Protein Shake Bar, the Balanced Body meals, and the extra events are a plus!


My journey began after I started having difficulties with breathing after doing things I used to do with ease. Initially, my goal was to lose weight and tone up; I’m less than 90 days in and I’m still working towards my goals. I have gained muscle, but I have not yet lost any weight due to a sprain and a cyst on my foot which has caused me to not do total body workouts.

My training experience with Caty has been nice. Initially, I signed up for 1 month to make sure that Caty was the right fit for me and she was so I continued on and signed up for an additional 3 months. Caty is very nice, flexible, and truly understanding when life happens. I also really enjoy the conversations we have during the workout. We have a lot of laughs together!

One of my favorite memories we share together involves a friend I have. I told her she was against me using the step when I workout because she said it is known to have caused women’s uteruses to drop. I had never heard of such a thing so I asked Caty about it and we both laughed so hard and it has continued to be an inside joke for the both of us.


My advice to anyone thinking about trying personal training is to hang in there and work around injuries in an effort to keep the body active, while dealing with injuries. Also, be honest about what your goals are and what injuries you have so that the best trainer can be selected for you.


My experience has been great! One time I got overheated while participating in a step class and the staff brought me water and made sure that I was okay before leaving the facility. I have tried other gyms in the area and Jada Blitz is more than your average gym, and it was the right choice for me.


Renee and I started training at the end of September. Originally, she was coming for 2 sessions per week, and loved training so much that she bumped up to a 3rd session! She made it clear that not only did she want to have great workouts, but she also wanted to like her trainer, which I also believe is a major part of personal training. She is a consistently hard worker and is fun to work with! I love Renee’s work ethic! Right now she is dealing with some foot issues where she can’t put a lot of pressure on her foot, but she told me that she wouldn’t let that stop her from getting in the gym and has still been consistently coming to our sessions! That is something that is always great to hear from a client! Our sessions are always fun and focused at the same time. We are both able to laugh and talk about life while still getting in a great workout!

There have been a lot of fun memories, but I think the one accomplishment is Renee’s progress in general. We started off working on some front planks, and now she is a lot stronger and can go for a full 30 seconds without stopping! She will only continue to improve.

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