Client of The Week: Michelle!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Michelle!

My journey at Jada Blitz Fitness began over a year ago. Before I became a member, I had been taking Pilates from Jessica  for over 10 years! I became a member at Jada after my son encouraged me to take advantage of the benefits working out and personal training has to offer. We are happy to be a part of the Jada Blitz Family!


My initial goal was to not only become stronger, but also to overcome a reoccurring leg injury. Since I began training with Alex, I have noticed that I am getting stronger everyday and have little to no leg pain! I do not have any current goals besides just to keep improving, which I keep noticing every week.

I enjoy having Alex as my personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Alex constantly encourages me to go out of my comfort zone and has taught me how to appreciate that. He is nothing short of reassuring! He greets me with a smile, purposely ignores me when I ask him, ‘how much is that weight, what are you making me do… He’s helped me appreciate the process. We always end our time together with a fist pump!

A cool little bit of trivia, is that we both share the same anniversary, June 19th!


The best bit of advice that I can offer anyone, is to trust your trainer! They know how hard you can go without injuring yourself. At the end of the day, they want you to improve and reach your goals just as much as you want to for yourself. So just DO IT! Start going to the gym, start working out, start working with a personal trainer. Jada Blitz has fostered a great culture of no judgement.


The Jada Blitz Staff are the BEST!  Everyone is very friendly. Plus, the back Arsenal room doesn’t intimidate me anymore!


Michelle and I got introduced after I trained her son. Her son saw the value in our training style and thought his mom and I would be a perfect fit. Michelle has been here like clockwork, ever since we started meeting three times a week. Over that time, she has come such a long way! She is very strong and athletic, more than she gives herself credit for. I am so proud of how dedicated she is to her health and wellness.

I remember the first time we trained she said “Wow, its been 30min already!?” As we have continued to train, she now sees the value and effectiveness of our 30min workouts and she sometimes cant wait for them to be over (in a good way)! Michelle is just fun. She trains with a smile, she jokes and laughs all while getting in a great workout every time! I can throw new challenges her way and she always proves me wrong!

Michelle is one of my most active clients. She is an avid biker and skier. Strength training has allowed her to excel in both of these activities with decreased recovery time and increased endurance. She has found a great balance between working hard throughout the week while staying active yet enjoying her weekends!

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