Client of The Week: Meet Raechel!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Raechel!

I joined Jada Blitz about 2 months ago to get myself back in shape after a year of some crazy life changes. After moving out I had noticed that I was starting to let myself go more and more. It was time for that to end. My energy levels were way down and I had no motivation to do anything.


When I began training with Caty I was a little embarrassed because I wasn’t really too sure how to properly work out. I immediately noticed myself getting stronger and I became more and more confident in the gym. I could not imagine being paired with anybody else.

Caty seriously kicks my ass haha. She pushes me to do the best that I can and wants me to reach my goals more than anyone else. She is not only a great trainer but I consider her a friend as well (except when she makes me do lunges).


If I could give any advice to anyone thinking about joining a gym it would be to never let anything hold you back from putting your health first. We all have to start somewhere!



Raechel and I started training together in July! When we first started Raechel was shocked at how much you could accomplish at the gym in a 30-minute session. She used to come to the gym on her own, and while being here for hours she didn’t feel as accomplished as she does after one of our 30-minute sessions. Even though she is still in school and works, she is always consistently showing up and working hard no matter the circumstances. When we first started, she was late for a few sessions, but she made it a goal to be here for every session no matter what. Since then, she has been early for every session, so it is very clear she wants to be here and that’s always what I want in a client, someone who wants to be here just as much as I do!

There aren’t any specific memories, but each workout is always fun and although we are working out, we still are laughing and making the workout enjoyable and not constantly!

I enjoy working with Raechel because we can talk about everything in life, not just working out. If something crazy happened to her the day before, she always comes in and shares the story and I think that’s extremely important. I always want my clients to feel comfortable with me, and Raechel and I have built a friendship as well. Our sessions are always fun and I always look forward to our training sessions!

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