Client of The Week: Meet Ed!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Ed!

I have been with Jada Blitz Fitness since the first week of January 2021, Mo has been training me since day 1.

I am former college athlete. During my senior year, I suffered a head and neck injury. I was inactive from physical activity for 9 years. After many surgeries I was cleared to work out again. When I began working with Mo, my initial goals were just to feel physically healthy and build a physique to attract more girls. After being out of physical activity for 9 years I wasn’t sure what I could accomplish and the first few weeks were rough.
I reached all my initial goals of feeling healthy, hitting my push-up, and gaining muscle.
I am a big believer in having a personal trainer. The greatest benefit has been having someone to hold me accountable weekly on my goals, motivate me to push myself, teach me the proper form so I don’t hurt myself – I’ve learned many exercises/techniques and I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have a trainer.


Since the beginning, my goals have changed – hard to believe that was seven months on ago. Now, my goal is to keep increasing gains combined with a healthier diet. I am constantly trying to perfect form, increase my bench, and continue to gain muscle.


In the gym, Mo is Michael Jordan and I am Dennis Rodman.
He has been top notch, something that has never changed since day 1, he always pushes me to be better. His laid back personality and the way he makes training fun has made it easy to train with him.  Mo can do it all where I am more of hard worker that lacks elite athleticism.
The combination of our work ethics has been great and has allowed me to get the most out of my work outs. Mo makes me feel comfortable and inspires me to keep going harder.
My favorite part about working with Mo and being a personal training client is everything I am learning and how knowledgeable Mo is about fitness and working out. He always takes his time to demonstrate and explain a workout before we begin, is always open to answering any questions I ask him – which reassures me I am completing the exercises properly.
I would recommend Mo to anyone, my cousin just started training with him and is making great progress.


The greatest lesson I’ve learned as a personal training client is to never give up on your goals. A lot of New Years resolution gym goers have quit by now. I’m still out here grinding and focused on continued progress. Don’t settle on being average.


Jada Blitz Fitness is a top of the line gym. Everyone is friendly, the equipment/facility is great and the staff is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jada Blitz is the best gym in the WNY area and joining this gym was my best choice of 2021. This is the healthiest I’ve felt in years and I am only going to keep progressing with my guy Mo by my side.
Training Ed has been insanely rewarding. Since January we’ve improved his strength tremendously! Back when we started he had trouble with push-ups. Now he’s able to knock’em out with no problem. My favorite memory working together was a couple of weeks ago when we surpassed a milestone goal of squatting two plates and hit 245lbs. Ed has great energy, my man is funny! Our sessions are filled with jokes, but when it’s time to focus and lift he gets in the zone. The gain train just took off and we’re locked in to smash our new goals on the way!
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