Client of The Week: Meet Deborah!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Deborah! Working 1-1 since March (2021) with her son and CPT, Nick Custodi, Deb has found as successful path toward better health and well-being.


When my son, Nick, was hired at Jada Blitz Fitness, I made the decision to finally join a gym and try 1-1 personal training with him. My decision didn’t come easy, during December (2020), my father was in a serious accident. The doctor’s credited his rapid recovery to his excellent health. They felt that without it, he never would have survived – because of this, I realized I it was time to begin.

I have lost 20 lbs, have no issues getting in and out of chairs, and can even walk stairs without huffing and puffing!


now I’m moving on to strengthening my core, continuing my weight loss, and improving my balance. It helps to have such a unique relationship with Nick, because he is my son. Initially I used that to my advantage but to his credit he has always treated me as a client. I was quick to learn that in turn, I need to treat and respect Nick as my trainer in order to get where I wanted to be.

Regardless of our relationship, Nick always listens to my goals and pushes me to be better. He always reminds me to stay focused. I’m a talker – very social – and Nick won’t hesitate to interject to remind me that I’m in the middle of training. Those are the little moments that I love! I truly appreciate his candidness and for keeping me on track.


Since we began working together, our relationship – as family and in training – has blossomed. My respect for his knowledge and expertise has grown so much since seeing him in action.

Nick recently remarked on how proud he is of my progress. He’s always encouraging and motivating me.


Keeping a fitness journal has helped me keep track of how much and how often I do each exercise, it also helps me see where I am making improvements. If you are thinking about personal training or trying the gym, give it a try for one month, see how you feel. You might just be shocked at the improvements made in such a short period of time and how comfortable things become – I love the staff, everyone is so friendly and has made it a great experience so far.

From Nick

Deb (mom) was one of my first clients at Jada Blitz Fitness. I was super excited to introduce my mom to the gym and get her into resistance training. True to her character, she made a point in asking about tracking progress so we made sure that a log book was a key component to her exercise routine.

Deb has made great progress in increasing the weights used for her major exercises already! One moment that really stands out to me and shows the strides she has made in her journey was when we introduced step downs to improve her balance. Initially, she wasn’t able to perform the movement without my assistance and then one session, we set things up and she didn’t just do one or two, she completed ten reps on her own with zero assistance! I was ecstatic.

It’s been so rewarding to see her health and fitness improve, and it stands as a testimony to her consistency and adherence.

I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to train my mother, as a client and family, through Jada.

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