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Congratulations to our Personal Training Client of the Week, and Kinetx PT patient, Annie. Working side by side with CPT, Anthony Serrano, Jr., and Dr. James (Jimmy) McMullen of KinetX Physical Therapy, she’s discovered a whole new sense of strength, self-confidence, healing, and vitality.

In 2017 for over 8 weeks –

I was in and out of a variety of hospitals in New York and Cleveland Clinic with an undiagnosed medical problem that was causing my organs to fail. Doctors were unable to figure out how to help me and I was getting worse. I made the decision to do holistic interventions including deep meditation and yoga, and I began to slowly recover with a team of healers.

At this point, I had lost so much weight/muscle I was falling frequently and struggling to do stairs. This was when I contacted Jimmy, owner of KinetX PT and the Physical Therapist inside the old Jada Blitz building.

I remember my first day – seeing the stairs to get to his office and thinking “I do not have the strength to climb” as I walked up the steps to meet him.

It was Jimmy’s determination and “I will help you” attitude that assisted me in re-learning to walk properly.

He also helped me gain strength and balance my nervous system to get my muscles to activate so I wasn’t always in pain. While I had many setbacks in the beginning, his innovative methods of physical therapy helped me to recover.

Jimmy’s talents exceed any physical therapist I have ever been to!

As I got stronger, he suggested I add in personal training to help my recovery.

Aubree, Trey and (eventually) Anthony, began to teach me to do weights and exercises that helped my body begin, and continue, to get stronger and more balanced. I have been working with Anthony since July 2020 and continue to see him twice a week. As a team, Anthony and Jimmy consult together to keep me moving forward and not re-injure myself.

And while I am fearful of hurting myself or falling, Anthony is a perfect match for me to keep me confident in using weights.

His calm and caring demeanor (and his laughter) keeps me steady as I build strength and confidence in mastering exercises.

Anthony has also taken the time to get to know me as a person.

He always asks about my weekend, life and activities. Now, he feels like family to me.

Anthony’s greatest gift (to me) is that he got me strong enough to be able to take Jada Blitz classes which I started a few months ago! That was one of my goals and he has taught me how to do the weights correctly which has kept me from being in pain. Anthony is now working with me to get strong enough to do a five-day kayak trip in July!

Jada has been good to me since I have been a member. Karen greets me in the morning with a smile and Lauren makes me shakes with some good humor.

People think personal training is a luxury, but my advice to many folks is that it is more beneficial and cost effective to do personal training than to have medical problems and pay doctor bills.

Annie comes in every day and puts her best foot forward! Her energy is unmatched and she’s just a very real person. In addition to being a client, she has also become a good friend.

Overall, Annie is a true testament to what it means to be resilient and “anti-fragile” – she never gives up and when she finds something she can’t do she gets right to work on being able to.

Every once in a while we will have an “AH-HA” moment. When something cliques whether it be a movement pattern that didn’t feel well before or just being able to use more weight. Those are some of the best moments shared.

Annie continues to get stronger and keeps setting new goals, I feel like it’s only the beginning for her! I’m looking forward to many more laughs and continuing to help her on her overall wellness journey.

Anthony G. Serrano Jr
Assistant Personal Training Director at Jada Blitz Fitness

Working with Annie has proved that the power of persistence, dedication, positive mentality, and determination can lead to amazing changes within the physical body. Annie has become such a great friend and influential role model to myself. I can’t wait to see the rest of the physical feats she will accomplish in the future.

Dr. James McMullen
Owner of KinetX Physical Therapy

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