Client of The Week: Matt!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Matt!

I’ve been a Jada Blitz member for about three years now. I was initially impressed at how clean and well maintained the facility was at Jada Blitz Fitness. I became interested in the Personal Training program and I wanted to start learning how to train and build muscle the correct way. My mom was already a client of Adam‘s and she signed me up training with him.


Initially, my goals were to just go in and work out. Now, after three years, I can say I have achieved way past what my initial goal. My current goals are to lose about 10 more pounds and then put on around 5 pounds of muscle.

My training experience with Adam has been challenging and fun. He is always introducing me to new exercises that I would have never thought of and combinations that make your muscles burn! I enjoy going to Adam two days a week and talking sports, video games, and cars. We seem to share a common interest in those hobbies. Aside from that, he is always pushing me to do one more rep!

One of my favorite memories we share together involves my brother. I remember doing a group session with Adam and my brother and my brother was NOT looking too good after a couple sled runs. From that day on, the competition of out doing one another while training with Adam had begun.


I have learned that it is important to be in the gym at least three times a week. I strive to be there 5-6 times a week and to be training with Adam for two of those days. For anyone wanting to try out Jada Blitz, or training sessions, I highly recommend it. All the equipment is very new and clean and the trainers push you to your highest standards every set.


Jada Blitz has been amazing! The facility is always in top notch shape and the Jada Blitz Staff are very welcoming and kind.


My experience, training with Matt, has been an incredible journey! We’ve been working together for about three years on and off due to his sports schedule and school. Since we started, he has gotten much stronger and has also changed his body composition a great deal. I enjoy the energy Matt brings to each session, always ready to work and eager to learn. He plans to be able to carry out workouts, without guidance, when he comes to the gym on his own. A memory that stands out to me is when we first started training, Matt couldn’t bench 135 for a single rep. As of yesterday we were doing sets of 155 for 10! I started training Matt when he was about 14/15 and the overall body composition change this young man has made in 3 years is incredible. But we aren’t done yet!
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