Client of The Week: Lisa!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Lisa!

I joined Jada Blitz in 2018 to help maintain but also better myself. During my journey to improve my health, I have decided to work with a personal trainer. I realized how important this was, to work with a personal trainer, due to my inability to do anything on time or right. That is where Alex Miller, my trainer comes in.


I started going to the gym after my friend experienced a stroke at a young age… my age… This was an eye opener that “health is wealth” and I needed to take control of it. Since I didn’t know where to begin or even how to use the equipment, I invested in a gym that was knowledgeable with many resources and a friendly environment. One of my initial goals was to learn how to work out and not hurt myself. Alex helped me attain these goals. He is very particular and detailed on my form when lifting. His whole approach has been mind-blowing as I have increased my PR tremendously.

Alex always is challenging my abilities and taking it to the next level. I walk out of the gym, sometimes crawl, knowing that he has made me stronger and mentally ready to start my day. I love having Alex as my trainer. He is brilliant at seeing the whole picture. Alex greets me each session with a smile, a positive attitude and a knowledgeable fact or quote about health and working out.

I have learned many valuable lessons from Alex such as:
– You just need to show up
-Listen to your body not your mind
-Don’t ever be intimidated, everyone at the gym is working to improve something
-Always use good form and keep your core engaged
-Be stronger than your excuses


My advice to anyone considering enrolling with a personal trainer is always going to be: YES!!!!
You will accomplish far more a success in reaching your goals with a team member who has your best
interest in mind.


I have had only good experiences with the staff at Jada Blitz. I am greeted with a welcoming smile and
usually by name. The gym is extremely clean. You can see how much pride the employees put into their


I have been working with Lisa for almost two years now. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Lisa comes in with a positive attitude every day which makes training her extra fun! She is full of energy and is always making me laugh. We have great conversation during our workouts which has allowed us to grow close as friends beyond just a trainer/client relationship.
Some of the best memories I have with Lisa are when we do semi-private sessions with her sister Kelly. They have me laughing for the full 30 minutes as they make weird noises and cheer each other on. Lisa feeds off of the energy of those around her and it is a treat when she is in an extra happy mood!
The best part about training Lisa is that she is dedicated. I chose her as my Client of the Week because of her attention to detail over the last few months and her decision to put more emphasis into her health and fitness. I have seen the progress she has made in just a few short months and I am happy to help her on this journey. She takes an interest in what we are doing and why and for that I love having her as a client!
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