Client of The Week: Kelly!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Kelly!

I started working out with a personal trainer in 2018 at the old Jada Blitz, my goals have changed multiple times over the last several years of training. When I started, I was very out of shape, had little endurance and no strength. Back then I saw immediate changes, dropped the first 20lbs and started to have more stamina. I was happy that I reached my initial goals. Through time I eventually ended up with Alex as my trainer in January of 2021.


I currently train 2 times a week with Alex, every few weeks he asks me “What are your goals?” I like that he does this because it gives me a chance to reflect and see all the small goals I have achieved while working towards a bigger goal.  My big goal changes frequently … most of the time I am not realistic or times I am too simplistic, but the common denominator is strength and flexibility. These two goals with the help of Alex will keep me moving into my 90’s.     

I have been working on squats, body weight squats, goblet squats and barbell squats. I think I am doing good during the rep while Alex is breaking it all down by studying my form and depth of squat.

Alex’s analytical eye can identify the issues that one experiences and break it down into detailed steps, it might be ankle flexibility or increasing depth of squat. His attention to detail and incorporating that into your training session is what helps you achieve your goals.    

Working out with Alex is the highlight of my week. He greets you with a smile and then kindly wreaks havoc on your muscles and challenges your endurance. 

He is always sharing uplifting quotes, giving you positive encouragement the moment you need it most. In my case … for the whole 30 minutes!  Either way he shares his knowledge and applies it to you specifically allowing you to grow and achieve your goals.  

I enjoy when Alex shares his “Alexism’s” with me.   “Health is wealth”, “Movement is medicine” and one of my favorites: “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” These quotes seem to hit it perfectly quite often and even are applicable outside of the gym. There are many valuable lessons that I have learned throughout my training at the gym. I think the most valuable one is what fitness means to me maybe different then what it means to someone else. My goals are different than yours and that’s ok! In the end we are here seeking to better our self’s, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  


I would encourage everyone to join a gym and if you have reservations or are intimidated start with a personal trainer get familiar and go from there. It’s never too late, you don’t have to wait till Monday, the new year or after vacation. Start now. 


Kelly is the best! I have been working with her for almost 2 years now and we have really grown close! Sometimes a little too close in some “TMI” situations. She has developed so much since we started training and I am very proud of the work she has put in. We have a great understanding of each other and that leads to better sessions. Each training session is a new challenge for her and it is so rewarding to see how her mentality has changed.

Some of my favorite memories are when we max out on lifts and she always surpasses my goals for her! She also makes hilarious noises and knows how to shift from something that is hard to something that is fun! We communicate in funny ways from noises to gestures and its always well understood, but only between us…

I enjoy training Kelly because of her determination. She has goals that she sets for herself and she is great at keeping a positive mindset when attacking those goals. She takes her time and listens to my coaching whether its on form, diet, or just talking through life’s obstacles.

Kelly always says “this is the best part of my day” or “you always make my day better” which goes a long way with me. I am privileged to be able to help clients like Kelly and it makes MY day to hear I am having a positive effect on her that goes beyond working out in the gym!

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