Client of The Week: James!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, James!

I joined Jada Blitz Fitness in July of 2021. Prior to that, I worked out daily at my home gym for many years. My wife had always been concerned that I might be getting too aggressive with the weights and perhaps “getting very good at lifting with a very bad form.” Since I have an awesome grandson who is a trainer at Jada Blitz, my own son (who is also a Jada Blitz member) gifted me with 10 training sessions with Gaige.


Initially, my goals were to correct my form and to avoid potential injury. My trainer quickly helped me tweak my form to greatly decrease any potential for injury. After only a few sessions with Gaige, I can actually feel the difference his coaching has made. My current goals are to continue making progress towards life-long fitness.

I have always admired Gaige’s commitment to health and training. It is so exciting to see, first-hand, the professional Gaige has become. He is more than patient with me and is highly committed to making certain that I understand the mechanics of exercise, to increase the chances of me being able to maintain a commitment to health. Seeing my grandson in a professional capacity, he pays attention to my proper form and the impact on my body if done incorrectly. He has also greatly improved my awareness of nutrition and health.

My favorite memory of working with Gaige dates back to his childhood. From his earliest years, Gaige’s favorite activity, on visits to his grandpa’s, was “Let’s go to the basement and lift weights!” Now, Grandpa’s favorite activity is going to Jada Blitz to lift weights with my grandson.


I have one regret regarding Jada Blitz Fitness–that my Jada experience was not available when I began exercising with weights many years ago. Because of sharing the amazing experience I have had with the staff at Jada (and grandson) to my wife, she just now became a member at Jada Blitz last week! My first mission for her is to set her up training with our grandson.


I have never encountered a more professional and kind group than the Jada Blitz Family. I enjoy beginning my day with the genuine smiles and greetings I receive when entering and leaving Jada Blitz. I greatly appreciate how the staff are always so willing to help an old guy with questions about how machines work and how to correctly use the machines, even when my trainer is not there. Further, I quickly found that the optimism I feel from the staff extends to the members. I look forward to meeting new friends from many backgrounds (and ages) all gathered with the goal of a healthy life.


Training my grandfather has been a highlight of my time as a personal trainer. I’m glad I am able to help the ones I love make better choices for a healthier lifestyle. He comes in every day ready to kick butt and work hard and I couldn’t be more proud of him. A memory of training my grandfather that I love to tell people, is when we were deadlifting one morning. We were supposed to do 205 for 8 reps, but once he got to the 8th rep he said “2 more!” and went to 10, but then again said “2 more!!” and we finished with 12 reps. He’s always looking for ways to remind me he’s still young.

What I enjoy most about working with my grandfather is that I am able to have a direct impact on his health. The same goes for my grandmother, who I have started to work with as well. As a full-time student, I don’t get to see extended family a great deal, so being able to see them on a more routine basis and make a positive impact each and every time is amazing. I’m just so glad I’ve been able to give back to my grandparents in a positive way after they’ve done so many things for me over my lifetime.

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