Client of The Week: Alice!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Alice!

I joined Jada Blitz Fitness in February 2020. At the time I was looking for a change, and I had a friend who was a long time member at Jada. Once the current location opened I came in for a tour and decided I wanted to join. I was mostly interested in personal training, but then the pandemic happened shortly after I joined so I wasn’t able to start right away.


I enjoy running, and have become interested in long distances. I had some minor running related injuries/ailments, and realized I needed to incorporate strength training into my running program. Not knowing much about weight training, I wasn’t sure where to start. I was hoping to work with a personal trainer to help point me in the right direction. I was hoping to improve my run form as well as my recovery from longer runs. We have been able to achieve both of these goals. I’ve also come to enjoy lifting more weight and getting stronger, and we’ve been able to do some overall toning. Right now I’m training for a full marathon this spring so I’m continuing to work on my lower body strength and flexibility. I’ve definitely seen improvements, and I feel stronger.

I started training with Alex in August of 2020. Initially, I was nervous because I had no idea what I was doing. We discussed where I was in my fitness journey and what I was trying to do. Alex immediately made me feel comfortable, and was extremely patient in demonstrating exercises and lifting form. He set up a training program to help me not only improve my running, but also my overall level of fitness. He has such a vast knowledge of exercise science and does an amazing job tailoring my work outs to me.

Alex is just the best! He has a magnetic personality and he’s so easy to get along with. He is always able to adapt the workout to any issues that come up. He’s helped me immensely in gaining more confidence in my own abilities. He’s always encouraging and he never lets me give up on myself.  He makes the most of the time we work together, and I always feel like I worked hard when I leave. Alex pays close attention to what I’m doing (probably because I’m uncoordinated) and quickly corrects any issues with my form.

I broke my foot in April of 2021 while training for a marathon. I felt pretty defeated, but as soon as I told Alex, he immediately said it was ok and we could still train. He modified my workouts to accommodate my walking boot so I didn’t lose all the progress I’d made in my strength training. Once I was cleared to start running, he helped me with a walk to run program. I had many days when I was frustrated because my foot didn’t feel the same and Alex talked me through it and helped me stay motivated to keep trying.


I would tell anyone thinking about personal training to try it! It has had a huge impact on my life. I have always been intimidated by the weights at the gym, and now I look forward to it every week. Honestly, I thought I would do it for a short period of time, but I quickly saw the benefits of working with a trainer. There is always something to learn! Walking into a gym and not knowing anything about lifting weights can be intimidating, but it’s worth challenging yourself to do it.


Everyone at Jada Blitz is friendly and welcoming. The front desk staff always greet you when you come in, and everyone I’ve encountered is approachable and kind – which is not true everywhere!


Alice is a blast to train! She has no fear when it comes to working hard. She is always up for a new challenge physically and mentally which always pays off. It has been great to see her make so many positive strides in her fitness journey. The thing I enjoy most about training Alice is that I can train her like an athlete. I would call her somewhat of a perfectionist but in the best way. I respect her frustration when I throw a new challenge at her, and the determination she brings to master a new movement. She takes her time through the sessions, pays attention to detail and most importantly is committed to training even outside the gym.

Alex does her extra mobility work, trains outside of her sessions, and is on point with her nutrition. Alice understands the full picture of personal training. Alice is an avid runner and marathoner. Due to this, we are able to hone in on certain muscles, movements and exercises that benefit her during these runs. I think her story goes to show that there is always something new to try and knowledge to gain.

One of my favorite memories of training with Alice is when she suffered a lower limb stress fracture. Sure enough, she showed up the next day in a walking boot and put full trust in me to continue to train her within her limits. She is the epitome of something I preach everyday, “movement is medicine.” We took our time and eventually started training outside of the boot. We dove into her running form and found some issues that may be causing the added stress. Alice, to this day, continues to use the knowledge gained in our sessions to keep her running pain free and progressing!

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