Client of The Week: Alex

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This week, our Client of the Week is Alex! Alex is a strong young woman who is determined to become a police officer with the help of her personal trainer, Maurice!

If you are a female in your twenties and want to be a police officer, you need to pass a physical fitness test. This includes completing 40 sit ups in one minute, completing 24 push ups, and completing a 1.5 mile run in 12 minutes (average 8 minute mile pace). No sweat, right?

Wrong! This test is extremely difficult, and many people fail the exam. Also, this test is only offered once every three years!

So when Alex decided she wanted to take this step in her career, she knew she had to be prepared. When she first started with Maurice in October, she couldn’t do a single push up. “Mo had me try the test my first week of training as a baseline. I failed every part of the test!” 

Although this failure would have discouraged most people from taking the test, this drove Alex to train extremely hard. “I chose Alex as my Client of the Week because she progressed so fast so soon. She’s a beast!” Maurice said, reflecting on his time with Alex. 

Anyone who looks at Alex’s InBody scan would be blown away. When she first started on October 20th, 2020 she had a 30.4% body fat and a 70.3 lbs of skeletal muscle mass. When she last got her scan on March 11, 2021, she lost 20 pounds, had a 19.1% body fat, and 73.4lbs of skeletal muscle mass! 

The best part of Alex’s story is that she accomplished the goal she set out to do. When she attempted the test again, she passed all parts! Right now, she’s striving to get herself a score of 95/100. She is currently attempting to make the qualifications for men taking the exam so she can blow the female test out of the water. 

When asked what their favorite part of their sessions was, Maurice smiled. “We always have so much fun, she puts in the work thanks to my motivation!” Alex laughed. “Yes because I threaten to switch trainers if you ever leave my side!” 


So proud of you Alex! We know you will crush your police fitness exam!

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