Nutrition & PT Client of The Week: Meet Danielle!

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Congratulations to our Nutrition and Personal Training Client of the Week, Danielle! She shows up everyday, puts in the work, stays focused, and remains truly coachable. Keeping the goal the goal, Danielle has seen amazing progress since joining our family in June.

Before I joined Jada, before I started training with Gabby, and before I started nutrition with Justin, I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t happy with how I was feeling, or how I was looking, and my gut just wasn’t right.  I think it came from the initial COVID shutdown that made me think, “something has got to change.” So I decided to get on the bandwagon and start doing a variety of monthly “challenges” at home.  One month focused on squats and another focused on planks, but it wasn’t enough and I felt like I wasn’t doing anything.  So I made the conscious choice to make a decision to better my health and I was determined for that choice to come to fruition.

Fast forward to June 2020, I called Jada and inquired about a personal trainer.

I was nervous about it, what would the expense be, can I even do this?  I was lucky enough to get paired with Gabby.  She has been with me every step of the way laughing with me and pushing me to be my best.  She has seen the changes in me on the inside and out.  Even though things were great and I showed improvements, the scale didn’t move.  I would always get down on myself wondering why I wasn’t losing weight.  I didn’t eat all that much and I was spinning a lot.

When we talked about my nutrition, Gabby suggested that I get linked up with Justin.

But again, I got nervous, can I do this?  I know Justin expects a lot, what if I fail?  But I threw all my fears to the wind and signed myself up.  When I met with Justin, he explained to me really the proper way a person should be eating.  I was shocked.  I wasn’t eating enough.  In everything you see, whether on social media or on TV, they tell you to eat less and you will lose weight.  What a lie.  We need to eat and eating is a good thing.

As soon as Justin sent me my initial macros panic set in.  I would have to transition from eating maybe two times a day to five times a day and be within a few grams of each goal. It was overwhelming to say the least.  The anxiety and nervousness engulfed me, but I got it together and just did it.  There was no room for failure, only to succeed.

My decision to make a choice to better myself is starting to show.

Within a few short months I have lost a noticeable amount of weight, and I know so much more about what I should be eating to properly nourish my body. Working with Gabby and Justin have been such a blessing in my life.  I am more confident, I’m stronger, and I’m proving to myself that I can do hard things.

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