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Congratulations to our Nutrition Client Spotlight, Andrea, who worked 1-1 with our Team Nutritionist, Aubree, for 6-months as she learned to love food again while gaining confidence in her choices, health, and future goals! 


My name is Andrea and I’m 34 years old. Before I began with Aubs I didn’t have a good relationship with food. I thought in order to lose weight and be “healthy” that I had to eat less. I always found myself falling off the wagon only to find it more difficult to get back on.


When I made the decision to schedule and meet with Aubree, I had no idea what to expect. After the initial consultation, I felt so empowered. She took my InBody scan and broke it down for me in a way that anyone could understand (drawings and all). From there we made specific goals that I knew I would see on my future scans. These concrete examples were exactly what I needed.


I wanted to learn how to eat a balanced diet – I knew what I needed to eat – but I didn’t know how much. I also wanted to lose body fat while gaining lean muscle. Looking back to when I first began, I didn’t have fears but I was definitely worried at times that I wouldn’t be able to make it a full 6-months. Aubree and my supportive friends and family helped encourage me.


Aubree has been an incredible coach. She not only connects with her clients on a professional level but also on a personal level – she gets to know you as a person. She’s caring and compassionate, and full of knowledge! It truly makes you feel so valued.

The programming and coaching was definitely different because it was super personalized.  Everything was tailored to my needs and goals.  This is far from many of the cookie-cutter diet programs out there. I liked the weekly check-in meetings because they kept me accountable while giving me a chance to really learn the ins and outs of good nutrition.

She wants you to be successful, to feel like your best self, and will be by your side the whole way.

Over the past 6-months I’ve learned how to be better prepared, whether it was for dinner at a restaurant or going on vacation. I successfully lost weight and learned how to adjust meals to maximize my workouts. The coaching was a critical piece in all of this.  I am not the expert when it comes to nutrition, Aubree is, so her weekly advice and goals were pivotal.  

While working with Aubs, I learned how to love food again.  I was not afraid to make mistakes and knew that one bad day didn’t mean I was a failure. 

Because of the 1-1 time we spent together and the individually focused programming, I am now more aware when it comes to eating. If I know I am going out to dinner I will make sure my nutrition is on point throughout the day and I will preview menus when I can in order to make good choices while out.

I’ve learned the importance of a pre-workout meal.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, but I found options that help give me energy that got me through some tough workouts! And most importantly, I’ve learned how to track my food. This skill and practice has helped me stay accountable and reflect on what has worked for my body vs. what didn’t/doesn’t work. 


Aubs and  shared several calls that left both of us learning and gaining a lot of new information!  I remember when an unexpected trip came up and the coach’s call we had prior to the trip was eye-opening.

We spent close to an hour together looking up and researching different foods and product options that I could easily travel with to help me maintain my diet and goals. I never had thought to pack certain things that would help me to stay on track and now it’s part of my routine anytime I am going away!


I feel very confident moving forward on my own because of all of the tools Aubree gave me.  She has helped me see the value in food and eating right. It doesn’t have to be an enemy or a burden. I feel confident tracking my nutrition, I know what works for me, and I can handle what could cause me to go off track.

I’ve gained confidence in myself and my nutrition choices.

Interested in learning more about our nutrition services? Ready to start working 1-1 with Aubree toward your health and fitness goals? Reachout today to or text (716) 218-0038. 
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