Client of The Week: Meet Matt McLaughlin

 In Client of the Week
Before working with Travis I would struggle with fear of injury during certain exercises such as deadlifts and squats. With a history of back injuries and herniated discs, I was afraid to deadlift and squat knowing that one mistake could cause serious injury. Training with Travis has gotten me past those fears and I have learned proper form to mitigate that risk. In our short time working together I have seen incredible progress in the gym.

Jada Blitz is a great community that has all of the equipment that I need to maximize my progress in the gym. The staff is wonderful and I always feel welcomed when I walk in the door. The positive environment makes me feel comfortable and I am always ready to train the moment I walk in the door.


My client, Matt, is one of the most humble and open-minded personal training clients I have worked with. He leaves the ego at the door and puts in the work during sessions and outside of sessions. Because of this, he has made considerable progress. Deadlifting has been something that he was very hesitant to do due to fear of getting hurt. Within a couple of weeks, he went from being afraid to deadlift 135 lbs to hitting sets of 12 with 245. This example amongst others makes him my pick for client of the week!

Matt, thank you for being part of our family! We are so proud of you.
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