Clients of The Week: Allison & Lisa!

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Congratulations to our Clients of the Week, Allison & Lisa!

Allison and Lisa have been Jada Blitz members for a year. They needed a fitness facility that was not only smaller and more personal, but also had strong trainers. Previously, they were at another, smaller boutique gym that closed during the height of the pandemic. They wanted someplace similar, locally owned, had an emphasis on personal training, but also wanted to workout together, along side a certified personal trainer.


Their goals have always been to push themselves and to be pushed. To build strength and confidence while, of course, laughing during their workout.

Allison: Will is the absolute best trainer we have ever been with! He pushes us on a regular basis to do things we never thought we could. He encourages us and provides amazing feedback throughout our entire workout! Most importantly, he doesn’t let us get him off track! He has been so helpful in understanding what we are capable of and he provides us with new, challenging ways to workout. We very rarely repeat the same exercise, but always leave feeling worked to our absolute maximum. He is fun and doesn’t take any of our sass-back too seriously. It is so important for us to have fun and laugh while working out, and Will never disappoints in helping provide that environment!

Lisa: Will has been the best trainer I have been with! He knows what i am capable and continues to push me. His attention to detail and form is incomparable. We have never repeated a workout which has kept us engaged. I walk away from every workout proud at what we have accomplished! Not to mention, the laughs and getting to know each other has been great.


Allison: Trust the process! Know that your trainer has goals for you just like you have them for yourself. I am proud of what both Lisa and I have accomplished since working with Will!
Lisa: My takeaway is that I have learned to trust what I am capable of and Will has pushed me outside of my comfort zone which has helped me grow!


Allison: We truly loved our old gym so much that we didn’t think we would ever find something to replace what we had there. However, the Jada Blitz Staff, and especially our experience with Will, has shown us that change can be a good thing! I definitely feel stronger than ever and know that I can do whatever Will throws at us…with a little bit of sass of course.

Lisa: The entire Jada Blitz Staff is amazing! They have made me feel comfortable since the moment I first walked through the door.



Allison and Lisa are two of the most amazing clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with. What astounds me is their energy levels and their ability to push through anything I throw at them. They both push each other verbally which make the session even more enjoyable. I most enjoy the funny moments that occur during our session. Whether that’s them yelling at me using humorous words, or just the inside jokes that we have built through our time together. They never cease to make me laugh. My favorite memory of training them is when I made them do extra lunges for being late, and they both might complain but you can bet that they did not stop once. They are two of the most hardworking people in the gym. Although they don’t realize it sometimes, they have improved their strength and muscle composition greatly. They both are able to move more weight, and endure more than I was able to put them through at the beginning of our time together.

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