Client of The Week: Vincent!

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 Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Vincent!

I originally joined Jada Blitz Fitness in August or September of 2019, with the goal of getting myself “stage ready” over the age of 40. I was always curious about how successful I could be if I dedicated myself to diligent training and disciplined nutrition. At that time, I wasn’t even sure if I had any real desire to compete in bodybuilding; but, having trained with Justin many years earlier at World’s Gym, I knew I could be confident that, whoever I was paired with, would be a good match for my objectives.


During my initial consultation for personal training, it was determined that Jalal would be a good match for me based not only on his training experience, but also his personal experience in competitive bodybuilding.  I will say that the initial assumption was spot on. Jalal is terrific to work with! Not only is he a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer, but also he’s a good guy. Someone that I enjoy talking with as much as I enjoy training with. His knowledge of anatomy and training techniques have helped a ton. His coaching has really helped me while working through certain injuries that have popped up, possibly due to my advanced age.

Although I never stepped foot on a stage, mostly due to the fact that many competitions were canceled due to COVID 19 protocols, I certainly got myself in the best physical shape of my life. Like many people, my goals for training have evolved from when I first walked through the doors of the old personal training facility. I probably will compete, only because I would like to “check that box” in my life. Two and a half years later I’m still training with Jalal and now we even train together! I think he might just be doing it to boost his ego but I enjoy it nonetheless.


Initially I came in solely for personal training, I even had a membership at another gym that I was content with because I wasn’t paying much and I liked the facility. However, I can honestly say that I haven’t returned to that other gym in years. Not because I dislike the other gym, but because I really enjoy this one. The staff is great and I’ve formed unintentional relationships with many of them. It’s a comfortable place to train. Also, the equipment is great!


Vincent is like a sponge when it comes to training. He loves to implement new approaches and techniques. As a trainer I get inspired by seeing my clients work hard, especially the hardworking dads/moms. I recently started working out with Vincent: 1. As a trainer that wants to have a little fun with his client and 2. I understand being a dad and being tired but still having personal fitness/health goals to achieve. It’s good to draw inspiration from a fellow active dad.

Due to the fact that the 2020 competitions were canceled due to COVID 19, we didn’t get to hit the stage. But he never slacked off during that time. Getting into what he told me “the best shape in his life”. His understanding of fitness being a lifestyle is one of the things that make enjoy training with him.

They say once you hit 40, you’re over the hill: the days of achieving a physique that turns heads are way behind you, and just maintaining your shape will seem like a struggle. I’m here to tell you there are no limits to what the body can achieve once the mind has a clear vision of what it wants and Vincent is an example of that.

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