Client of The Week: Sadie!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Sadie!

I joined Jada Blitz Fitness about a year ago. Initially, I was interested because it was very close to my home and work. I had also heard great things from other other members at that facility. During my tour, I was very impressed with the facility’s various equipment. The staff and owners are great! Every time I walk into Jada Blitz, the staff are always smiling and says hi, acknowledges you in some way, and are helpful, which I appreciate.



I have always been into health and physical fitness. I have taken short breaks here and there for varying reasons, but I always come right back. Previous to joining Jada Blitz, I had been working out at home, which usually works well for my goals. I had taken some time off because of life, and after I had resumed I was consistently working out on my own at home. Not only did it feel as though I was just spinning my wheels, but I also was not seeing the progress I used to get. I made the decision that I needed professional help in the form of a personal trainer. At the time, I was also seeing Jimmy at Kinetx PT for physical therapy, who by the way is the best physical therapist I’ve ever seen! He recommended Trey and thought he would be a great fit for me.

My initial and current goals were to reduce body fat and increase muscle to build strength. I still have the same goals as I did initially, with the addition of trying to consistently meet my nutrition goals. I have had multiple personal trainers all over the US, during my fitness journey.

Trey is the best trainer I have ever had. He is passionate about what he does and that comes through in his training, everyday. He’s smart, watches my form like a hawk, is a fantastic teacher, always has a great attitude, a positive mindset, and challenges me during every workout. He’s the Yoda of personal training and I am grateful to be his student. He has endless patience when it comes to correcting my form, and I always look forward to our workouts. He is always asking for constructive feedback as well, and how he can improve as my trainer. I like to track my progress with photos and I have seen definite progress since starting with Trey.


Trey is a big, gym footwear guy. I learned early on from him the importance of what you wear on your feet when strength training. A fun little game I like to play occasionally, is that I wear shoes that are not technically Trey approved, and wait until he says something, which he never fails. What I enjoy the most about my time working with Trey is the time between sets, when he lets slivers of non-fitness related wisdom surface. Some wisdom I have learned is consistency is Queen, and showing up even when you don’t feel like it, will show up in your progress six months or a year down the road.


My advice to anyone thinking about trying personal training is; there are so many variables that go into being successful at anything in life. Physical fitness isn’t any different. Personal trainers spend countless hours of education/continuing education to be the best at what they do. If you want the best outcome, you need a professional. I have found personally, that with Trey’s help I can spend less time in the gym than I was before, by optimizing that time spent. Which results in better progress than when I was spending hours a day working out. Also, side note, Trey paid me to say all those nice things about him.


Sadie was referred to me by Dr. James (Jimmy) McMullen, at Kinetx PT. She told me her goal was to get strong and build a “dump truck.” She’s been a fun client to train. I definitely enjoy Sadie’s sense of humor, plus she’s super coachable! My favorite memory of us working together is when she finally felt her lats working! I chose Sadie as my Client of the Week because she took what I taught her and stuck with her fitness routine when I was out with medical stuff, and she’s even helped me improve my skin care routine! Haha.
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