Client of The Week: Russell!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Russell!

This coming spring, I will have been with Jada Blitz for a year. I switched over from Crunch Fitness because of my interest in personal training. Crunch didn’t have anything close to what Jada Blitz has to offer when it comes to personal training, gym cleanliness, and even the overall atmosphere. Not only was I looking to train, I also wanted to join a gym that I actually felt a part of and that’s why I joined Jada Blitz. Since I joined, Jada Blitz has made coming to the gym enjoyable. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. It’s just a nice atmosphere to be in overall.


My journey at Jada Blitz started a little rough for me. I was in a dirt bike accident right after I signed up, before I could even get my first training session in. When I healed enough to come back to the gym, I began training with my first trainer but something was constantly off. I eventually found out that I tore my lateral meniscus nearly two months after the accident which forced me to stop all training to prevent any further damage in my knee. I eventually had meniscus repair surgery early September and started my long road back to recovery. When I was finally cleared to come back to the gym, I found out that my trainer no longer worked with Jada, which is when I was paired up with Andrew. They say everything happens for a reason and this is a perfect example. I have been working with Andrew for two months now and I couldn’t be happier.

My initial goal, and main focus when joining the gym, was weight loss. After my accident, my only focus was to let my body heal and work to get it back to even better shape than it was. Andrew has helped with that tremendously. When I started training with him, all of my muscles were tight limiting my range of movement throughout my body and also was causing severe lower back pain. Within two months, Andrew has eliminated a majority of that back pain as well as improved my range of motion to even better than it was before my accident. I still have the main goal of building my body strength back up to what it was, if not better, but now that I have come so far, I am also able to focus on my goal of weight loss that initially brought me into the gym.

Something I’ve taken away from my training with Andrew is that everything takes time. I was so worried after my surgery that my leg would never be the same with how bad my tear was. I can gladly say that worry has faded away as I make more progress everyday. I’m even surprised with how well I’m doing at this point in my recovery and I know that I owe most of that to Andrew.

With my first trainer, I started to feel discouraged because I honestly don’t think he had the knowledge or the ambition to help me regain my strength. With Andrew, that is a completely different story. He has made a custom progression plan curated just for me with an end goal in sight. He is super careful with my knee constantly making sure that we aren’t pushing it too far. I recently finished up with the stability portion of my plan and have begun strength training with him. I’m already seeing results just two weeks in! Not only is Andrew a great trainer but he’s also very personable. He makes the hour sessions fly by where as with other trainers it’s easy to tell they are on a schedule and you’re just another hour of their day. One of my favorite memories is when I did a squat the first day of strength training and how pumped Andrew was to see the depth I was able to achieve. I think he was more excited than I was!



If there’s anyone out there on the fence about signing up for personal training, I would say to just go for it. It’s intimidating at first but overall I think the training is what helped me get acclimated to the gym the most and forced me to start showing up. I’ve seen what Andrew has been able to help me with just two months which makes me even more excited to see what ‘s to come. The only person stopping you from achieving your goals is you.



Russell shows up to every session ready to work. He never complains or makes excuses and is always focused on reaching his goals. Even with a busy schedule outside the gym, Russell’s dedication to improving his health is apparent by his discipline in meal prepping, doing his solo workouts, and tracking his food intake. Hands down, Russell is great to train as he has a great mentality, fun to work with, and catches on quick to our tasks for the day. He began training while rehabbing from an injury. Since starting, Russell has gained new ranges of motion on all lifts, increased unilateral strength, and has decreased muscular imbalances!

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