Client of The Week: Regina!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Regina!

I’ve been with Jada Blitz Fitness since August 2019. I joined Jada Blitz to continue training one-on-one with Trey, who I had started my training journey with at a different gym eight years ago. A few friends roped me into doing a Tough Mudder event, and at the end, I was discouraged by my inability to make it through all the obstacles. I decided to seek a trainer to help with building my strength for the next event.


My initial goals were to become stronger and to learn proper form and routine – and I absolutely did! It’s easy to prove my progress, not only in the change I can see physically, but also through tracking the amount of weight I’m able to lift and my ability to do exercises with proper form from when I started. I hit many milestones along the way. I have many stories of how I’ve strengthened my knowledge, muscles, and stamina over time.

Trey supports his clients not only by curating thoughtful and tailored workouts to my personal goals, but also by creating a comfortable and fun environment in which to learn and succeed. He is extremely knowledgeable but also consistent in keeping up with his own learning, and passing that on to his clients. When I’m not feeling particularly motivated, Trey’s support to get through it never wavers. He has guided me as to how to be able to limit the monotony of my routine, hold myself more accountable to take charge of my own health/fitness, and learn proper form.
I’ve stuck with Trey so long because he truly is a fantastic trainer. Naturally, I’m uneasy in an environment where I may not be so sure as to what I’m doing, and Trey has helped to bridge the gap, to hold me accountable, to push me to reach my goals, and to have fun at the same time! I always look forward to our sessions, and I am continually confident that I will reach the goals I set for myself.

I have many memories working with Trey these past eight years. A really good one I can recall was when I hit a deadlift milestone of 200lbs! That was an exciting day! I’ve learned that I can do more than I think. I can do it. I tend to limit myself, but I’ve learned that I’m capable of much more than the limits I’ve set – don’t limit yourself!


If you need some extra motivation, looking for information on how to best approach your routine and ensure proper form, then training sessions are a great option. Personalized training has helped push me to reach more goals that I thought I could!
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