Client of The Week: Olivia!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Olivia!

I have been with Jada Blitz since 2017! I came in looking to start fresh and to build confidence in the gym. Initially, I had no clue what to do or where to start. I looked into a trainer and that’s how I met Gaige!


My initial goals were to maintain my weight and live a healthier lifestyle, mainly because I was trying to play a club sport in college. I wasn’t consistent and didn’t quite have the confidence so I wasn’t able to achieve those goals. After taking a few years off (studying abroad, finishing school, and trying to get a steady career) I came back to start over again and get serious.

Currently, my goals are to build muscle, keep building my confidence in the gym, and find an exercise routine that is effective but not intimidating. I would say I am making great progress. A few months ago, I couldn’t lift much weight and would panic if there were too many people around. Now, I have an array of exercises I can do in different areas of the gym and feel comfortable doing them.

Gaige has been a really big part of my success in the gym. Truly, I would not have the strength or confidence I do without him. He’s pushed me to try new things and has been patient with me along the way. I think what I’ve enjoyed most about working with Gaige is his positive attitude and the fact that I always learn something during my session! We always have a good time and I look forward to training!

One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that you get what you give when it comes to training. It took me a few years to realize that I have to apply the knowledge Gaige has shared with me in order for this to work. I know that probably sounds odd, but now that I’m actually putting in the time and effort outside of the sessions, I am seeing results and feeling better overall.


My advice would be to start small and be consistent. Setting realistic goals is helpful when you’re starting out because it won’t become too overwhelming. I also highly recommend working with a trainer. I was near clueless when I came to Jada and having a trainer to show me proper technique and how to use different equipment has been super helpful. It has also made the gym seem less scary!


Everyone at Jada is really nice and welcoming- it is a great environment to be in. It is also nice to know there are so many knowledgeable people around to help you along the way!


Fitness really is undefined and I think there are so many aspects to being fit. To me, being fit means being well rounded. It includes showing up to the gym, blocking out the time, and consistently putting the effort in. It also applies outside the gym – including resting on days off, eating the right amount, and keeping your mind sharp. In my head, all of these things come together and contribute to physical fitness.


In addition to a good workout, training with Olivia is always a good time as we do a pretty good job of keeping things fun and entertaining. We have set goals that we want to achieve and we work together every week to improve on what will get us to those goals. Whether it’s the workouts, nutrition, or even just the fact that this is not an easy lifestyle, Olivia shows up ready to make it happen.

happen I remember Olivia’s first day back to training with me when she dropped her water through the cup holder on the elliptical and it spilled everywhere just as our session was about to start. If that’s not the most Olivia-esque start, I don’t know what is.

My favorite part of training with Olivia is the fact that we are also friends, so we can joke and pick on each other in addition to getting a killer workout in. I also believe she has leveled up her commitment to the process, and that goes a long way.

In her early days as a client back in 2017, she was a bit less eager to try new workouts and get out of her comfort zone, as the gym can often be intimidating. Fast forward to Olivia coming back to train in the recent months, she has clearly kicked it into gear and is ready to show up and work hard.

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