Client of The Week: Nicole!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Nicole!

I joined in the summer of 2020 and started with personal training right away. The environment at Jada Blitz Fitness just seemed different then the many other gyms and trainers that I’ve had in the past. I liked the different rooms and options that allowed me to feel more comfortable in my journey back to fitness.


Becoming a Jada Member has been quite an interesting journey. I’ve always been a physically active person; I have been practicing Taekwondo for 20 years. With this, I have done high level training both in the Taekwondo school and in other gyms. In the beginning of 2020 (before the pandemic hit), I was approved to test for my 4th degree black belt staff, which is the Master’s rank in my martial arts school. I was training hard in the school and another gym, but then COVID struck and my martial arts school shut down. I was still hanging on physically, but the motivation was hard. As time went on, my Master’s testing continued to be pushed off and then in February of 2021, I was in a car accident that completely derailed my fitness. I came to Jada, still recovering from multiple injuries including a torn up shoulder, with the hopes that someone could help me get my confidence and motivation back to be at the point I was once at with my training/fitness journey.

As I started, I cycled through a few personal trainers until I landed on Dustin. In September, I had shoulder surgery and have been working with Dustin through my rehabilitation. As I have worked with Dustin, it has been an uphill battle to regain my confidence and feeling that I once had. Currently, Dustin and I have been focusing on what I can do, which is lower body.  Dustin has really helped me bring back the feeling I once had in the height of my martial arts training and fitness. Am I 100% back to where I once was? No, but I am getting there. Dustin is helping me remember the strength that I have.


The biggest piece of advice to give to anyone thinking about training is to just try it. Everyone at Jada has been very kind and understanding of my situation, so don’t be afraid to start just because you may have a difficult situation happening. The trainers can work with you, no matter how difficult you think it is.



It has been really fun training Nicole. At first I wasn’t sure how the sessions were going to go since she could only do lower body and could not use her upper body at all during training. This limited the exercises we could do and we had to get creative with programming. She was originally with another trainer but when he went out, due to surgery, she wanted to continue her journey. We began training together for a few weeks and was surprised when she made the decision to continue training with me! Nicole has a very energetic personality and jokes through the workout. Even with her limitations, she has continued to workout regularly and is continuing to get stronger. Working with her has allowed me to grow even more as a trainer and has allowed me to get more creative with our workouts so that we don’t just do the same exercises for each time.

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