Client of The Week: Meet Jake!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Jake!

I started working out again shortly after arriving in Buffalo. I had just finished my dissertation and gotten a new job here at UB. During the process of getting my education I had really let myself go. At first, I simply wanted to lose some weight and get back in shape. It wasn’t until I met Anthony that I discovered that I really enjoyed lifting and wanted to see how far I could take things.


I have been with Jada Blitz since before the move to the new building. Prior to that I was training at another big box gym where my trainer (Anthony) was working. When he came over the Jada, I went with him. I’m very glad that I made the switch.


My initial goals were weight loss. I did succeed in getting my weight down. With Anthony, though, I wanted to work on getting stronger, which I have been focusing on for the last couple of years. My current goal includes getting stronger. To put numbers around that, I would like to be able to bench 300, squat 400, and deadlift 500. I don’t have a timeline for those goals, but I have been making steady progress, albeit with some life-induced backsliding from time to time.

Working with Anthony has been amazing. My training day with Anthony is what I look forward to every week. He is very patient, cognizant of my goals (and limitations), and infinitely supportive of me. Moreover, he’s just a nice guy to be around. Anthony is great at coloring outside of the lines in the most productive and positive way. He’s very creative and is great at mixing things up. I have learned an awful lot from him. His focus on form has also helped me to make great strides toward my goals. My favorite memory is when he was there (with cell phone camera in hand) the first time I broke 400 on a deadlift. It was a great moment and I’m glad that he was there to cheer me on and document the occasion.

Persistence is key, as is the need to change up old routines and try new things. I’m always up for a challenge and am very glad that Anthony sees me as a client that he can experiment with to an extent. During the course of the pandemic, I learned that I tend to feed on being around others who are lifting. I tried to keep things going with a very basic home gym during the pandemic, but it wasn’t the same. I really like being around others who are pushing their own limits. It makes me want to push myself harder as well. To that end, Jada Blitz is a great environment to train in that brings more to the workout experience than just good machines and equipment.


Just sign up already. It has been life-changing for me. I was never really into sports and would only do cardio at the gym. After coming to Jada I discovered that I really enjoy lifting in a way that I never expected. I credit the gym with getting me through some periods of very high stress in my life and keeping me grounded.


The Jada Blitz Staff are nothing short of wonderful. Every one of the staff members and trainers, with whom I have interacted, has been very friendly and helpful. The facilities are second to none and are a huge step up from a big box gym. At the same time, nothing about the atmosphere is inherently intimidating. Jada Blitz has felt like a very welcoming place since the beginning.


Jake is a great client to work with. It’s been very rewarding to see him smash his strength goals year to year. We have been working together for a little over 3 years. He’s my strongest client. And he always comes in happy and ready to train regardless of what’s going on in life. And thats all a trainer can ask for!

My favorite memory of Jake is when we were struggling to get past two plates on the bar with several exercises. Now we are pushing 4-5. That just makes me smile!

Jake is a true testament of perseverance. We have had several failures, but he’s always getting back up on the saddle and pushing past obstacles. He’s overcome so much. Plus we have some really cool conversations. All around he’s a great guy and that makes it fun to train with him.
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