Client of The Week: Meet Domain!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Domain. Working 1-1 with Travis Kelkenberg for almost a year, he has experienced changes in his  health, vitality, and overall sense of gym confidence throughout the process. Way to go, Domain, you’ve earned this!


I’ve been with Jada Blitz for about 10 months, give or take. When I began, we had gotten our first dose of lock-down, I had gained some weight, and Jada Blitz Fitness seemed to be the only gym practicing and following CV-19 prevention protocols.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) and was urged by my physicians to be more active and try a plant-based diet. I  didn’t begin to heed their advice until 2016-ish. I began working with a trainer because I realized that I didn’t know what I was doing and due to my diagnosis, knowing what I was doing mattered a little more than the average gym goer.


Initially, my goal was to maintain mobility.

The Question: I asked myself, how long can someone can go to the gym before vanity kicks in?

The Answer: CV-19 Weight Gain (LOL)

When I first began, I was able to meet my goal with Travis. Since then my goals have changed and joining Jada Blitz has helped me to better define my new ones! I currently want to become more fit, shed some of this “CV-19” weight, all while maintaining mobility. I’ll admit, I struggle with time management and consistency, but I am actively getting better.

Training with Travis has been super dope. I am learning so much I didn’t know before and being held accountable while learning, which trust me, is something that I need. I’ve truly enjoyed the learning process and the progress that I’ve noticed so far.

I’m always impressed with the amount of sweat that my body can produce, I’m a sweater!

The main takeaway that I’ve learned is consistency. Lupus is a very painful disease, however using some of the tools Travis has taught me along with consistent execution has lessened some of my pain while continuing to increase my mobility.


Everyone here is always pleasant and polite. I’ve literally never had a bad experience with anyone here, staff or otherwise. One of the best things about Jada Blitz Fitness is the music selections. It’s the type of gym where if you just so happen to leave your Airpods® at home on accident, it’s ok, no big deal, the music choices played over the loudspeaker, impeccable.


The only advice I would have is, if you’re considering joining a gym, or seeking out a personal trainer, I’d say, go for it.

Investing in your health and body is always a good idea, and the best way to reach your fitness goals.


When I first started working with Domain he expressed interest in becoming a trainer some day. This was great to hear because I love to teach and I knew he wanted more than just to improve his health, he wanted to know the “why” behind what he was doing. Because of this he comes in with a great attitude and asks the right questions.
There are multiple memories we share and most include that “AHA” moment when he nails any particular movement with out the typical limiting pain he was used to.
He has become quite strong but more importantly he has become rather resilient with this added strength.
I enjoy Domain’s desire to get better accompanied by leaving his ego at the door every single time. He welcomes constructive criticism and wants to work on his weaknesses not avoid them. Keep up the good work, Domain. I expect your improvement to blow past the reasons why you deserve to be my choice as the client of week!
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