Client of The Week: Marie!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Marie!

I started my fitness journey about 4 years ago when I decided that I wanted to gain lean muscle and have a healthy future for myself both mentally and physically. I’m an athletic person and wanted to stay that way as I got older. My girlfriend was training with Jalal and had been doing great so I decided to add his knowledge to my fitness journey. I began working with him in January of 2021.


My initial goals were to gain lean muscle, increase my strength, and add depth to my Olympic weightlifting training. I also wanted to add some strength to my legs and glutes as well. Currently, I am still looking to increase strength and lean muscle. Lifting weights is always a work in progress but I would say my personal progress so far has been great!

Jalal is extremely knowledgeable as a personal trainer. He’s very motivating and forthcoming with why we do the exercises we do, what muscle groups we are working, and the correct form to have. Working with him has been a blessing for me as I continue my journey. I have learned an extreme amount of information about weight lifting from Jalal! He has broadened my own personal lifting I do on the days I am not with him. I always leave my sessions with him feeling stronger and more energized, which is something I’ve never felt previously. Never underestimate the power of positivity from your personal trainer, it works wonders!

There isn’t really one favorite memory I have training with Jalal because I enjoy all my sessions with him. He was definitely confident that my squat form would get better while I figured it wouldn’t because I’m getting old. He was right, it has gotten way better.

I enjoy Jalal’s wide range of knowledge about different exercises for specific muscle groups because it helps me when I’m on my own. Most of all, I enjoy his “I know you got this” attitude which motivates me to do way more weight than I think I can lift.


My fitness journey started approximately four years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did for my mental and physical well being. While any person can follow written training from a trainer and perform the exercises, nothing beats one-on-one, especially with one of most knowledgeable, motivating, and respectful people I have ever trained with. Thank you Jalal for always dealing with me and for expanding my lifting knowledge. I truly enjoy our sessions!!!


Jada Blitz Fitness has been great! The staff is always friendly it’s an extremely clean gym. The equipment is beyond modern and cutting edge. I truly enjoy it.


What I enjoy most about Marie is her “get in and get after it” energy and her willingness to try new workouts. Marie is like an empty cup when it comes to training. She loves to implement techniques and also communicates when she’d like to try something new. As a trainer I love seeing my (parent) clients work hard. Especially knowing that they’re coming in after their day job, trying their best to maintain an active lifestyle and be there for their families.
Marie is definitely one of the hardest working women I have met through my years of training. I look forward to keep throwing you a new curve ball in our sessions since I know you’ll welcome every challenge I throw at you!
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