Client of The Week: Lydia!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Lydia!

I have been a member with Jada Blitz Fitness since March of 2021. I remember seeing the building in passing and when I searched their website, it seemed like JB was passionate about personal training. Whereas, other gyms I was looking into did not seem to care about personal training a whole lot.


I loved being active in any way I could before having kids. Since I became a mother, it has been harder to stay active. I never seemed to be able to carve out time for myself. I finally decided, after 5 years, I wanted to become more serious in the way I worked out.


My goals are very simple. I want to remain active and feel stronger.

Training with Nick is great. He pushes me to do better and try harder. He gets me out of my comfort zone and can make the time pass fast with his sense of humor, all the while making sure I’m putting in work. Also, he shows me workouts I would have never tried or known of if I came in on my own.

When we first started training together, Nick wanted me to try arm pull ups and I wasn’t sure about them. Not because I didn’t think I was strong enough, but because of how I thought I’d look compared to everyone else. Nick encouraged me to look past that and push myself. I have no problem doing them on my own now!


Keep pushing through! It’s cliché but there’s been plenty of times I’ve wanted to quit because of how sore I was (even though I haven’t worked out in almost 5 years), I didn’t look like some of the fit people working out, or I would tell myself how busy my home life can get. Working on yourself is both mental and physical. Personal training is definitely worth the try! It’s helped me with self discipline at home, as I wouldn’t want to let my trainer down along with myself.


The Jada Blitz Staff are amazing! Everyone is so welcoming, and after being to a couple different gyms, this is the best one so far. Everyone’s there for the same thing and there’s no judgement.


Lydia is a blast to train. When we first started we began with very basic exercises and routines but because of her consistency we have been able to progress into more challenging sessions, and she ALWAYS kills them. It has been a great experience seeing her develop confidence in her own abilities as she has progressively gotten stronger and fitter. There has seldom been a week that goes by that we have not seen marked improvements and it is extremely rewarding to see her take pride in those accomplishments as she should. Recalling the look of “you’re seriously gonna make me do that?” when I said “okay we are going to hop on the bench for some barbell pressing,” makes me laugh every time.

No matter what her mood is on that day, Lydia always comes ready to push herself and get pushed. We have a great time and share plenty of laughs. But when the time comes for her to hit her sets there’s zero hesitation- she gets it done. I think that Lydia is a great example of someone who is consistent and sees amazing results because of it. We seldom miss a session and every time she comes in the total amount of work we get done is always increasing. Any trainer would kill to have a client who is always ready for a challenge (even when her face says otherwise) because you know this is someone who can and will see tremendous progress over the long term. I am very proud of her achievements and am excited to see what is in store for her in the future as we continue to work together.

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