Client of The Week: Laura!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Laura!

I’ve been at Jada Blitz Fitness for about a year. I trained with Travis at LA Fitness before following him when he transferred here. For most of my life I’ve been a heavier girl. A few years ago, I was no longer happy with where my weight and health was, so I decided that I needed to join a gym and get some very needed training and guidance to get the job done. I can’t imagine going through this without Trav. He is not only a walking encyclopedia of the body and how to work it, but he is incredibly considerate. He reminds me to not be so hard on myself, mentally, when I doubt myself. Yet, he has no problem with calling me out if he feels my head isn’t in the game. He is everything I want in a trainer.


The main goal was always to lose a bunch of weight. To look and feel good. This is still my goal, but with Travis, I’ve been able to break that down into smaller, more beneficial steps, that not only help me lose the weight, but keep it off and help my body to be more stable and mobil, so I can then function better in my workouts and in other life activities.

My favorite moments when working out with Travis are when he pushes my limits and we bust through! We recently tried deadlifting my max weight. In the past, I had trouble keeping my form. With lifting you have to ready your body in so many ways, and I felt like there was some sort of piece of the puzzle that was always out of place. But, a few weeks ago, I was finally completely together on my form with previous reps, that he decided to up the weight and we went to 225lbs, the most I’ve ever tried. Remembering everything he taught me and having him cheer me on, I went into it the absolute correct way, and lifted it! Not just once, but twice! Since then, I’ve been able to do even more reps!

Thus far, I’ve lost over 60lbs. Perhaps not as much as I could have lost by now. But, it’s taken me a long time to break terrible life habits that I had and move forward. It’s something that I work on every single day. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s been more like a rollercoaster than anything. But I finally feel like I’m going down the right path and am excited to see where it leads!


For anyone who has never been too active or feels like they have no idea what they’re doing on their own, I wholeheartedly recommend training, especially with Trav. It can be a commitment, but I have learned and gained so much from this that I will be able to use and carry for the rest of my life! Invest in yourself!


Everyone is so nice! I’ve always been afraid to be made fun of or put down at gyms because I’m not athletically inclined. But, I have only felt welcomed and embraced by both the staff and other patrons here. There is definitely a familial feel in this gym that I didn’t feel at LA.


Laura and have been working together for a long time. It’s safe to say she has made a complete lifestyle change and is truly owning it! There have been some slips along the way but she always comes back quick and even stronger than before.

I love working with her because she doesn’t give up and puts up with my some what OCD technique standards. Strength is going up and she’s getting closer to her physique goals.

Lotta laughs and good lifts!

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