Client of The Week: Juanita!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Juanita!

I started training at Jada Blitz Fitness during the second quarter of 2019, at the encouragement of my son. He had been training at Jada Blitz for awhile and was obtaining really good results. I wanted to lose more weight, increase my stability, and be stronger. I have two artificial hips and one artificial knee and at first, I did not want to continue the process. Once COVID hit in 2020, along with everyone else, I stopped training.


Fast forward- I’ve lost 50 pounds in the last 2-3 years by changing my lifestyle and doing extensive walking and some bicycling.  However, my one un-replaced knee has been giving me increasingly more problems but I don’t want surgery, if at all possible. My son continued to encourage me to start training again and also to see Dr Jimmy McMullen, whose office is at Jada Blitz. After working with Dr Jimmy, I experienced really great improvements with his physical therapy methods (which I’ve never had with previous physical therapist. I decided if I were to pick up training again, I wanted a trainer who would follow in his methodology.  He recommended Travis who has been the perfect trainer for me!  Travis listened to Dr Jimmy’s recommendations and it seems both of their methodologies align perfectly in helping me to increase stability, strength, and posture while working the whole body.

Travis is very respectful, kind, friendly, and really cares about my progress. He carefully and quickly adjusts the exercises to my needs. If doing something hurts, he quickly adjusts it or gives cues which stop the pain while producing the desired affects.  I’m working muscles I didn’t know I had. It has become very evident of how they all work together to strengthen and stabilize the whole body.  Most of my issues have been with lower body joints, I played several sports throughout my younger and early to mid-adult life.

I have never had a big focus on my upper body.  I learned one of my biggest issues was actually poor posture; which, I’ve had most of my life.  After working with Travis on the various areas of my upper body, my posture has improved greatly (along with my awareness of it). I feel so much stronger and finding this improvement is actually helping with my lower body joints.  We work upper body at one session and lower body at the next with some core at both.

Recently, we were doing an upper body exercise which was going very well and Travis said he was going to pull on the bands (while I resisted) until I came forward.  When he stopped, my sharpened stabilization kept me from going forward! He was truly amazed! He also convinced me to go to barefoot/minimalist shoes and I love them and how they help me use my feet properly to again make improvements. Even though I still have a long way to go, I look forward to the journey, especially since I overall feel so much better!  Travis is the best!


Working with Juanita has been such a great experience for me. I always hope that my clients have a positive experience working with me, but it is extra special when the trainer gets to look forward to working with their client. Juanita is a referral from James McMullen, the resident physical therapist at Jada Blitz. This is an awesome opportunity as a trainer, to be able to collaborate with a health professional to best progress the client.

Juanita came in with pretty serious postural issues. Very inconsistent scapular control. After putting some time and effort in, over the few months we’ve been working together, we were making vast improvements. She really surprised me with the resistance she reached in an isometric crossover symmetry setup. I think she really got a kick out of it because as I was increasing the band tension, I Just keep pulling and she doesn’t stop holding and it became like a tug of war that I eventually lost. Im pretty animated when I train so I’m sure she got a kick out of the faces I was making.

On top of that, Juanita is such a receptive and committed client. We would not be making such progress if she wasn’t! Most importantly she’s trusts the process that is being laid out before her and does her homework! Oh and she makes me delicious baked goods… it’s ok I’m bulking…

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