Client of The Week: George!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, George!

I have been a Jada Blitz Fitness member since the summer of 2017. I was interested in the one-on-one personal training with a trainer for two main reasons. Firstly, having someone else there would make me accountable and give me motivation. Secondly, I needed help preventing future injuries by learning how to execute exercises correctly. I tried to lose weight on my own through various cardio centric exercises, mostly running. I found quickly that I would run and then hurt my knee, my ankle, or my back. Before I knew it, three months had passed and I had not lost any weight!


My initial goal was to lose weight. Initially, I did lose a substantial amount of weight, but Covid hit and some of that weight clawed its way back. Not only is my current goal to lose more weight, but also to a lead a healthier life, and avoid injuries. I feel as though I am on the right track to meet my goals. I train with Anthony three days a week and apply what he teaches me and come to the gym another two days on my own. Anthony not only shows you the correct movement, but deconstructs each movement and explains what is going on at each level, which allows you to better prevent injury in the future. He also had a great recommendation for a new pair of shoes for the gym, that immediately took away pain in my knees/hips when lifting!

I have battled various injuries in my journey to lose weight while at Jada Blitz. I have had: left bicep and left forearm tendinitis, a slight tear in the lower back, various tweaks to back, right foot plantar fasciitis, and a right hip contusion. They have all since healed. When I came to Anthony a couple weeks back and told him that I had a tear in my right rotator cuff and needed to get surgery, he did not blink. He assured me that as soon as I was cleared by my doctor, he would continue to train me and that this was just a minor speed bump in my journey. Anthony has taught me the importance to think about the big picture and not lose track of goals ever. I am not trying to lose weight for a specific date, but to truly live a healthier life.

Losing weight is not a journey that starts and stops as you enter and leave the gym, but something that you must embrace with real life changes through diet and other lifestyle changes. I have learned from Justin on how to track macros and the importance of what each macro does for your body. I have fine tuned this with Anthony and chipped away at the unhealthy habits to create a real opportunity to reach my goal.


I would highly recommend a personal trainer and highly recommend Anthony to anyone. It is easy to become complacent in a normal gym, lose sight of your goals. But having a personal trainer keeps you accountable and never gets boring as they do an excellent job modifying and continuously challenging you. I have tried to share what I have learned, in a limited capacity, with my daughter who is 14 and she loves coming to Jada Blitz.


Training with George is a blast! He always keeps me on my toes. He asks really good, thought provoking, questions and is always looking to get the most out of every session. Having him as a client has pushed me to grow my knowledge base. George has jokes! I love his willingness and desire to learn.

We have been working together for several years now. I think the biggest victories come when he says he was able to go out and do something with his daughter or is able to complete a task that normally causes him pain, but that time it didn’t and he was pain free! To have that kind of effect on a person’s day to day life is extremely rewarding to me. Every day we learn something new, and that’s the best part about training with George.

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