Client of The Week: Fraser!

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Congratulations to our Client of the Week, Fraser!

My journey with Jada Blitz started in 2018 when my sister-in-law recommended joining for the training. Originally, I wanted to maintain fitness because I was officiating hockey. When COVID hit and I retired from officiating, I was more interested in staying healthy and in shape.


I am happy to say that I reached my first goal of staying consistent. Currently, my current goals are strength and body composition.

Training with Alex has been great. Whether it’s one of those days I am dragging or a just normal day, Alex continues to push me in order to reach my goals. He continually changes our program in ways I would not on my own. The knowledge he has comes from his passion and is seen in his dedication to my goals. The thing I enjoy most about training with Alex is that he is no slacker. Just kidding. On the days where my body is sore or I am dragging, Alex helps me strive to reach an outcome. When training with Alex, we talk about life and personal goals – all of this allows me to have the time to separate from stress in work.

One take away from training is that your goals may be the bigger picture, but one more set or rep is a milestone to celebrate.


What you put into your commitment is what you will get out. Personal training is a piece of the big picture and the knowledge and experience you learn from personal training helps.


It has been enjoyable!


FIT means balance. Having a balance of family, work and commitments. If you come unbalanced it becomes unhealthy. Having balance allows all areas of life to shine and grow.


I grabbed Fraser when we lost his original trainer. From the first session we had together, I knew he was going to be someone I could push beyond what he thought was possible. He has been a client who sometimes doubts himself, or feels like he can’t do it on days when he is extra tired or sore. I think this is where he really sees the value in training when it comes to pushing him beyond his limits. He is one of my most fun clients to train because I can give him a hard time and we can still laugh about it.

A really great memory that I have from training with Fraser is when he hit a box squat of over 400 pounds for the first time. He turned around and looked at me almost in shock. It was one of those moments where I saw him be proud of himself, and that was awesome.

Fraser is very consistent. He shows up for every session, even if he doesn’t want to, and gives me 100% of what he has in the tank. I also like training him because we talk about life, goals, and we give each other advice. He is very relatable and we get along great.

To me, Fraser is a really good example of how to set goals and achieve them. When he wants to put on muscle, we change up his nutrition and he does just that. If summers coming around and he wants to shred down and lose some body fat, again, we adjust and he can do that too. Together, we have achieved a lot of his goals, but he knows there is no endpoint to the fitness world. He knows the importance of continued training for more than just the way your body looks, but for how you feel, and to be overall as healthy as you can be.

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